Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mons. Lefebvre wasn't a heretic, thus, Vatican Two is acceptable

It is quite puzzling to read the acolytes of the SSPX Schism attack The Second Vatican Council as one that taught heresy because it is a fact that he who founded the SSPX Schism, Mons. Marcel Lefebvre, signed all of the documents of Vatican Two and owing to the fact that Mon. Lefebvre is thought by his acolytes to be the modern  apotheosis of Catholic Tradition, that means that all of the Documents of Vatican Two can be interpreted in the light of Tradition for if they could not be interpreted in the light of Tradition then Mons. Lefebvre never would have signed them for such an act would have rendered him a heretic.

Thus, there can be no rationale reason for the SSPX Schism not to end its schism and to return into Communion with their local Bishop and The Pope.

There prolly are many reasons why the SSPX Schism has now permanently annealed, not the least of which is that is has come to think of itself as the true Church and it thinks it can just continue to pursue its own will until such time a Pope of their liking arrives on the scene; if not, hell, they can soldier on without a Pope - just like the schismatic heretics of the East, the so-called Orthodox.

Yes, Virginia, it really is that simple and straightforward. 

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