Friday, July 7, 2017

The ingenuity and inventiveness of American Capitalism.

We at ABE Ministry (Against Basically Everything) selected ABS to go to COSTCO today to buy some Fish for tonight and when he arrived there it was necessary for him to make a brief restroom stop before shopping.

He walked down past the row of cashiers and he saw the food sample carts being prepared for the noon shoppers and which samples would be handed out beginning in about 30 minutes.

The Food Carts were being prepared right in front of the storage closet for cleaning supplies and chemicals and it was only a few yards further past them that ABS walked into the male restroom.

ABS reports that he will not bloody likely eat samples from the food vendors at COSTCO even though the samples are, obviously, free: Can't imagine pepperoni samples prolly poisoned by close contact with perchlorothylene would not put ABS off his appetite. Mmmmm, it has a sharp taste, does it? Well, no thanks.

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