Collusion between Trump and Putin?

There was no collusion between Trump and Putin whereas there is always collusion twixt the candidates for POTUS and Israel but, in any event, collusion does not break any American law.

Now, it is true that Donald Trump's moral life had descended to the level where he became electable but many Americans have a compact with the Federal Government which acknowledges it has the power to do any damn thing it desires but that, in justice, the Federal Government has a duty to provide us with some laughs as they drag us all down into Hell and Donald Trump is the funniest damn POTUS ever.

O, sure, the Deep State is out to ice him and render democracy nugatory in doing so - Early voting begins the first weekend in October, but be careful for who you vote because if we don't like him, we will take him out.

For liberals, politics is their religion and the media is their clerics and they will simply not accept American legally voting for Trump because that made him the Pope of their religion and he is, daily, hurling anathemas at them.