Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mons Lefebvre signed D.H. despite the SSPX lie he did not.

An attempt to prove that Mons. Lefebvre did not sign the documents of Vatican Two has arisen on this crummy blog. A gentleman has claimed that his signature on certain documents of Vatican Two merely indicated his presence at the Council and not his acceptance of the documents he signed.

The problem with that claim that it is a lie spread by The Angelus/SSPX and it is a lie memorised and memorialised as part of the catechism of schism denial.


  1. I dont know who signed the documents and i know very little about the frenchman you seem obsessed with. The SSPX is of note because they seem able to stand up like men and can take a punch, oh - and they, like i, observe 'something bad' happened to the church around V2. The catholic blogs that believe in sin and other such catholic things serve to figure out what happened at V2 and determine what lay catholics are called to do about it. I wonder was that 'smoke of satan' Paul VI spoke of was pot smoke that turned a whole generation into... amature brain surgeons.
    Gotcha- lefevre signed the documents! Duh. He did but he didn't inhale. The SSPX controversy is simply another false dichotomy set up by the modernist to continue the destruction. Dear Lord, let these blind see!

  2. Dear S. The SSPX controversy exists because Mons Lefebvre ordained Bishops against the expressed will of the Pope; he started a schism and he and the bIshops he ordained were excommunicated.

    Since then, Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunications the Church has dutifully tried to being the schism to heel but it has not worked and it prolly never will because the SSPX considers its own self the real Church and seems to think "We don't need no steekin Pope"

  3. I do not speak for the SSPX, if i did i would say "we are not excommunicated, so shut up and mind your own business".

  4. Dear S. ABS does not speak for The Russian Bride industry but if he did, he'd deny stories that the women are shipped to America in refrigerated containers to keep the women fresh so as to fool their intended spouses that they are cool virgins.