Tuesday, April 24, 2018

ABS headed north to get to the South. Back in six days

ABS and The Bride are headed for Franklin, Tennessee for her Mom's birthday and ABS plans to go to nearby Nashville and walk the streets looking for some good live music pouring out of some bar.

He'll go inside, order an ice cold PBR, kick back and enjoy life...

You've got to get to Nashville...There is an astonishing amount of talent vying for your attention, so much talent that it'll never make it to the airways such is the gigantic quantity and quality of it competing for limited air time.

So, just go there your own self and be prepared for some fun. Hell, man, you could just walk into something live like this...

                                 or this... 

On 10/12/2013, ABS walked into the Franklin Green Market and this Lil' woman with the big voice was singing for free

The ACLU used to defend the rights of all citizens.

Ask the average Joe or Jane American what Civil Rights are and you will likely hear (if they are informed) Civil Right are a collection of government programs and benefits which punish whites and reward blacks.

Well, it wasn't always that way...Civil Rights used to mean YOUR rights to live as you desire without force or coercion from the federal or state government. Of course it was to be expected that one would obey all legitimate laws but the idea the Federal Government could control your speech, what you did with your private property, or how you desired to freely worship or freely associate would have sounded like Communism not American liberty.

Believe it or not, The ACLU used to fight for such rights, not war against them as they do now.

Originally, the ACLU was concerned with the CIVIL RIGHTS AND CIVIL LIBERTIES of all American citizens and their freedom to exercise those rights even if the Federal or State Government did not want those Civil Rights and Civil Liberties to be exercised.

Look at the last two paragraphs on the right and just think that there was a time in America when the Federal Government or State Government could not heave your ass into jail for expressing your opinion about anything.

Now, you can be fired for questioning the putative facts of the War Crimes committed against the Messias-Deniers; you can be fired for mocking sodomites; you can be fired for telling idlers on your private property to buy something or leave; and you can most definitely be fired for not baking a cake for sodomites.  The list of potential firing offenses is exhaustively long.  

ACLU, we hardly knew ye before you began to become corrupt and serve the ever-changing narrative of the information class.

You are now the kept counsel of the Messias-Deniers, the Blacks, the Abortionists, the Communists, the sodomites, the pronographers, the Mahometans, the border invaders, and there is not a single Christian alive who thinks you would lift even one of your limp pudgy fingers to help defend their Civil Rights of a Christian against an aggressive and Anti-Christian Culture and Government.


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sacrosanctum Concilium and The Golden Corral

Like fat women leaving the all-you-can-eat buffet tables at The Golden Corral and waddling towards their vans, Sacrosanctum Concilium also has a bunch of ugly buts...

Sacrosanctum Concilium;...Sound Tradition may be retained but...Latin is to be preserved but...Clerics are to retain the Latin language in the Divine Office but 

The puissant progressive possibilities (but) infecting S.C. reminds ABS of sitting in his car outside of a Golden Corral and watching the long line of fat women departing the all-you-can-eat  
buffet tables and waddling towards their vans.

Both Sacrosanctum Concilium and the fat women exiting the Golden Corral have ugly buts.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Food Channel and its ignorant, hateful Anti-Catholic Bigotry

Here is the history of Spain according to the rapidly balding epicene epicurean of The Food Channel, Lil' Alton Brown, a sissy Anti-Catholic Bigot who would have fared very poorly under the rule of the Mahometans:

Eventually Christian armies hoping to spread the smelly medievalism of the Dark Ages over Spain’s culture of science education art and enlightenment ran the Moors out of town.

No. Altie, Catholic Spain strove diligently for nearly eight hundred years, while its men were losing sea-sized amounts of blood, to recapture Catholic Spain from the barbarians of the desert who had invaded and captured Spain with the aid of the Messias-Deniers.

Food TV?  No. Fool TV.

Now, try to imagine this clown devoting a show to the foods of the Middle East and describing how the peaceful Christians were slaughtered and their towns, identified in the New Testament, were disappeared * owing to the deadly savagery of the Mahometans.

It wouldn't happen in a million years which should give, you dear Catholic reader, just a hint of how much America hates your bloody guts despite your routine defense of Religious Liberty.


Friday, April 20, 2018

There are no Judeo-Christian values

Judeo-Christian claims of a shared morality are very recent and absurd


The Jewish Encyclopedia on Original Sin.

Man is responsible for sin because he is endowed with free will ("beḥirah"); yet he is by nature frail, and the tendency of the mind is to evil: "For the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth" (Gen. viii. 21; Yoma 20a; Sanh. 105a). Therefore God in His mercy allowed man to repent and be forgiven. Jewish theologians are divided in regard to the cause of this so-called "original sin"; some teach that it was due to Adam's yielding to temptation in eating of the forbidden fruit and has been inherited by his descendants; the majority, however, do not hold Adam responsible for the sins of mankind. The Zohar pictures Adam as receiving all the departed souls at his resting-place in the cave of Machpelah and inquiring of each soul the reason of its presence, whereupon the soul laments: "Wo unto me! thou art the cause of my departure from the world." Adam answers: "Verily, I have transgressed one precept and was punished; but see how many precepts and commandments of the Lord thou hast transgressed!" R. Jose said that every soul, before departing, visits Adam, and is convinced that it must blame its own wickedness, for there is no death without sin (Zohar, Bereshit, 57b). R. Ḥanina b. Dosa said: "It is not the wild ass that kills; it is sin that causes death" (Ber. 33a). On the other hand, it is maintained that at least four persons—Benjamin, Amram, Jesse, and Chileab—died without having committed any sin and merely as the result of Adam's weakness in yielding to the temptation of the serpent. To uphold the view of the majority, R. Ammi quoted the Scripture to show that sin causes pain and death: "I visit their transgression with the rod and their iniquity with stripes" (Ps. xxxix. 33); "The soul that sinneth, it shall die" (Ezek. xviii. 4). This verse is in contrast to another: "All things come alike to all: there is apparent one event to the righteous, and to the wicked" (Eccl. ix. 2; comp. Shab. 55a, b); but these two verses may perhaps be reconciled through others which declare "There is no man that sinneth not" (I Kings viii. 46); "For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not" (Eccl. vii. 20; see Sanh. 105a).

So, there is no Judeo-Christian Morality because the Messias-Deniers also deny Original Sin.

Now, to be sure there were Jews who did accept Jesus as The Messias and who were taught and accepted all the truths of Divine Revelation - including Original Sin - and we call those Jews, Christians.

But now we hear from a current Messias-Denier, who is also a Pelagian, telling the world that The Jews continue to deny Divine Revelation as it pertains to Original Sin:


And from one of the write-backers, a link to a Polish Priest rightly teaching his flock there is no Judeo-Christian Morality:

Polish priest claims Jews have a ‘different’ notion of truth

Jewish group in Poland files complaint after Henryk Zielinski says non-religious Jews believe truth is 'whatever serves Israel’s interests'

Henryk Zielinski (Screen capture: Twitter)
Henryk Zielinski (Screen capture: Twitter)
Representatives of Polish Jews complained to the state watchdog on media over a public broadcaster’s airing of an interview with a priest who said Jews have their own understanding of the concept of truth.
Henryk Zielinski, editor-in-chief of the Catholic weekly Idziemy, said this on February 24 during an interview with TVP, according to the complaint that the Union of Jewish Communities in Poland filed on Monday with Poland’s National Council of Radio and Television.
Jews have “a completely different system of values, a different concept of truth,” Zielinski said. “For us, the truth corresponds to facts. For the Jew, truth means something that conforms to his understanding of what’s beneficial. If a Jew is religious, then truth means something God wants.”
In non-religious Jews, “the truth is subjective or whatever serves Israel’s interests,” he added. Zielinski cited the Haggadah — a text read by Jews at the Passover Seder, which contains the story of the Exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. “Often these stories have nothing to do with facts,” noted the Catholic priest.
The interviewer, Michał Karnowski, did not contest Zielinski’s assertions, according to the complaint.
Zielinski’s remarks violated the National Council of Radio and Television principles for content on public media, including its ban on ideas that “incite to hatred or discriminate on the grounds of race, disability, gender, religion or nationality,” the Jewish union wrote in its complaint.

There is not one word- NOT ONE - said by this Priest that is in any way, hateful, discriminatory, or racist. The plain and simple truth is while Fear of the Jews continues in most places, masculine Christianity and Truth-telling is beginning to emerge.

Thanks be to God.
The interview with Zielinski comes amid an increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric following a dispute between Poland and Israel, as well as with international Jewish groups, on a law passed in Poland last month that limits rhetoric on the Holocaust.

Notice the inversion of truth. Poland passes a law that is Pro-Poland and, of course, the Jews describe that as anti semitic. Jews desire to have European countries forever as their emotional and monetary slaves, repeatedly and publicly issuing  ritualised apologies for things it never did while the Messias-Deniers NEVER apologise for how they wrecked Poland with, for instance, their Booze-mongering and Usury and repeatedly demanding this or that European countries pay them reparations.

It is a devilish tactic Christians must adopt. ANY law passed by Israel must be described as Anti Christian.
The law criminalizes blaming Poland for the Nazis’ crimes. Its opponents said it would complicate research and impede free speech on the genocide, in which thousands of Poles are believed to have betrayed Jews to Nazis. Thousands of Poles also rescued Jews from the Holocaust.

Free speech on genocide...What a patently absurd and despicable lying claim. EVERYBODY KNOWS there is no such thing....

O, my. The Messias-Deniers are scandalised because the Polish Catholics have spit the holocaustry bit and are roaming free and thinking Christian thoughts.

Of course it is irksome to understand that one can openly deny Jesus Christ, the Creator of this world, but one is called an anti semite if one denies anything the Messias-Deniers demand Christians affirm.

It is LONG past time to tell the Messias-Dniers to take that Shofar and shove it.

There is no cause for Christians to hate Jews qua Jews just like there is no cause for Messias-Deniers to demand Christians walk the political line the Anti Christian haters have drawn.

Wake-up Messias-Deniers...

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Happy 30th FSSP. Now, where is the Bishop you were promised?

From Rorate:

Event: The FSSP at 30


Thirty years seems a sufficient time to patiently wait for a Traditional Bishop to be appointed for the FSSP as was promised them .....

Forty years old and a native of California, Fr. John Emerson began his studies for the priesthood with the Dominicans after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a major in history. In 1979 he left the Dominicans and the U.S. for the seminary of the Society of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland. There he was ordained a priest by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1981. He is now a priest of the Society of St. Peter

Q. Father, you are a priest of the Society of St. Peter. When and how did the Society come into being, how does It operate, and what is its purpose?

A. It came into being on July 18th, 1988, at a meeting at the Cistercian Abbey of Hauterive near Fribourg, Switzerland. We met there — I wasn’t yet a member, so I wasn’t there — the Society met there, about 10 priests and a number of seminarians, all of them, except one or two, persons who had just left the Society of St. Pius X because of the schismatic consecration of four bishops by Archbishop Lefebvre. They were all convinced this was not simply a further necessary disobedience in order to keep tradition alive, but a true break with Rome, and they could not in conscience go along with it — particularly after Rome had offered everything that Archbishop Lefebvre had ever wanted of substance. Rome had offered it all, and we were scandalized he refused it, truly scandalized. We weren’t simply surprised or unhappy, we were scandalized because he was our spiritual father and we trusted him, and he did not do in the end what was right.

Q. Perhaps we can conjecture later as to his motives ...

A. Sure, we will.

Legitimate Rights

Q. The point to establish now is how does the Society operate. I have heard you say [in conversation before the interview] that it operates as an Institute of Pontifical Right. What does that mean?

A. That means that we are directly under the Pope through the Ecclesia Dei Commission and Cardinal Mayer. The Pope set up Ecclesia Del [i.e., the Commission] to deal with all traditionalist groups or even individuals who wish to reconcile themselves with Rome fully and not to follow Archbishop Lefebvre into schism. Those of the Society of St. Pius X who left founded the Society of St. Peter. Rome immediately approved that foundation provisionally and accepted the election of Fr. Bisig as the Superior General and then said that as quickly as possible they would raise it to the status of a Society of Pontifical Right, which, as I say, means that we do not have to go through the process of being under a diocesan bishop, which means he would be our direct superior and would decide everything regarding our life and future. Rome wants to deal with us directly. Rome knows there are bishops who are not interested, and even if we were simply under a bishop that would be something quite chancy in terms of the future. Rome wants traditionalists around the world to see that Rome is serious about giving traditionalists all their legitimate rights within the Church. So, the actual erection of the Society came exactly three months later on Oct. 18th, and as I said [again in earlier conversation] it normally takes 20, 30, 40 years for a new order to reach that status. We got it in three months. Again, that is proof Rome is behind us.

What it means in a practical way is that we can take seminarians and train them ourselves. We don’t need a bishop’s permission to take from his diocese those who wish to come to us. They enter us directly as they would enter directly into the Dominicans, the Salesians, or any group of that type, although we are not a Religious order. We don’t take the three vows, poverty, chastity and obedience. We only take a promise of obedience to the superiors.

Also, if a priest wants to leave his diocese or Religious order and come to us, we can directly incardinate him, if his bishop or order allows him to leave, which is normally the case when a man wants to change orders. We can accept them without having, again, to ask somebody else for permission. We can just take them immediately into the Society, and they are incardinated into the Society as a secular priest is incardinated into a diocese.

(The wonderful Farther Calvin Goodwin, former Jebbie who celebrated The Indult for we Trads in the Chapel at Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Portland, Maine, did just that; he quit the Jesuits and joined The FSSP).

Q. You’re saying, in effect, that any priest has the right to join the Society of St. Peter.

A. That’s right. I might add, in regard to our end or purpose, it is of course orthodoxy as it is expressed particularly liturgically. We have been given the absolute right by the Vatican to use exclusively the liturgical books in force in 1962. Now that does not mean simply the missal. It means all the liturgical books. That means our ordinations are according to the old rite, that all the minor orders, exorcist, lector, etc., including subdeacon, are back in existence not only for us but for other traditional groups that I might talk about later that Rome has since reconciled or is in the process of reconciling. It means that those who come to our chapels will expect and will get Baptism, Confirmation Marriage in the old way.

The May 5th Agreement

Q. Okay, you’re emphasizing liturgical matters. Let me put something else to you. Really, it’s a question In two stages. First stage: Does the Society operate exactly as the Society of St. Pius X would have under terms of the May 5th, 1988 agreement [signed by Cardinal Ratzinger and Archbishop Lefebvre], had the Archbishop stuck with that?

A. Yes, except that he would have had a bishop and we do not. In other words, he would have had a bishop who would have been consecrated for the Society and for the traditionalist movement worldwide. We have to depend upon — and there has been absolutely no difficulty — local bishops or Curia cardinals or bishops who are willing to come and do the Ordinations and Confirmations and so on for us.

Q. Do you envision the day when you may have a bishop?

A. Well, yes, Rome talks of it for the future. For now it would be rather ridiculous for a community of 20 priests and 30 seminarians, as we are now, to have our own bishop. It was sensible for the Society of St. Pius X with 10 times that number.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Russia should have modeled itself on AIPAC

Russia made a strategic blunder when it didn't create ARPAC - American Russian Political Action Committee - modeled on the criminal enterprise AIPAC - American Israeli Political Action Committee.

If it had done so, it would not have to worry even if one of its actors was caught red-handed receiving Classified Information


Isn't it interesting how we always hear about Assad of Syria doing this and that dastardly deed but never hear about Israel gunning down unarmed demonstrators?


Israel operates the biggest open prison on earth

but we never hear or read the truth about it.

Do you think, say, Tucker Carlson, would be allowed to have Uni Avnery on as a guest?

Huh, it is enough to make a man wonder who really is running this gang called America.

The next time the Jewish-owned Media tells you that Israel is our closest friend in the middle east and is a great democracy, stop to think how good it would be if America had no friends like Israel.

O, and can we please drop the Democracy label? 

Caught a train from Alexandria 
Just a broken man in flight 
Running scared with his devils 
Saying prayers all through the night 
Oh but mercy can't find him 
Not in the shadows where he calls 
Forsaking all his better angels 
That's how every empire falls 

The bells ring out on Sunday morning 
Like echoes from another time 
All our innocence and yearning 
and sense of wonder left behind 
Oh gentle hearts remember 
What was that story? Is it lost? 
For when religion loses vision 
That's how every empire falls. 

He toasts his wife and all his family 
The providence he brought to bear 
They raise their glasses in his honor 
Although this union they don't share 
A man who lives among them 
Was still a stranger to them all 
For when the heart is never open 
That's how every empire falls 

Padlock the door and board the windows 
Put the people in the street 
"It's just my job," he says "I'm sorry." 
And draws a check, goes home to eat 
But at night he tells his woman 
"I know I hide behind the laws." 
She says, "You're only taking orders." 
That's how every empire falls. 

A bitter wind blows through the country 
A hard rain falls on the sea 
If terror comes without a warning 
There must be something we don't see 
What fire begets this fire? Like torches thrown into the straw 
If no one asks, then no one answers 
That's how every empire falls.