Monday, March 27, 2017

LOVE Raiders

It's official: the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

The Oakland Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas.



Wally's Wine World is rayciss

ABS is of the opinion that this woman, while conceding that her actions were somewhat suspect, suffered a 
miscarriage of justice by even being arrested.

Just look at the poor woman's name; that alone is cause for anybody to steal liquor.  Were ABS the Wally's Wine World Watchdog, he'd have sidled up to her in the store and asked for an ID and once he saw the name, ABS would have just told her to put the stuff back and see him outside the store in an hour and then he would have purchased a handle or two of Tequila for her.

This is rayciss. ABS has not seen a photo of her but he is guessing she is not a Whitey.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Social Compact with The Council of The Malignant

This is ABS' Social Compact with The Council of the Malignant *

OK, y'all get to drag me down into cultural Hell but you must provide ABS with some laughs during our descent into the diabolical democracy of the demented.

Once Neil Gorsuch (He has a sodomite loving female pastor at his Piskie Parish) gets on the bench and joins the Black Robed Council of The Malignant (They all went to Ivy League Schools) and begins to, from the bench, legislate new cords which will further bind our liberty, don't take it too seriously as our cultural collapse will be as complete as it is ineluctable.

Consider doing what ABS has been doing, closely studying this old Cakewalk Dance and whenever you read or hear some rebarbative Trumper bragging he is still not tired of winning, spring-up off the couch and gleefully dance with The Bride for on the natural level it is the only proper and maffick response to America's mendacious and mephitic madness.

* All Three Branches of the Government which     are separately insane but equally evil

Saturday, March 25, 2017

We've been fooled again

However, multiple reports have observed that Gorsuch and his wife attend St. John's, Boulder — a liberal Episcopal church headed by a very liberal, pro-LGBT female rector named Rev. Susan Springer.

Neil Gorsuch is NOT another Scalia

Despite effusive praise from numerous pro-life and pro-family leaders, this man is NOT, as Trump has repeatedly been told, another Scalia. In my view, the President has been misled – although Gorsuch does have praiseworthy characteristics as a justice and has made some excellent, major rulings.

We at ABE * Ministry appreciate the economy of judgment here because we knew that Trump would not choose another Scalia because Trump is a rogue of low character who can not be trusted to deliver on his promises.

Why wait until Gorsuch (He has a female pastor at his Piskie Parish, so, what did you expect?) gets on the bench and joins the Council of the Malignant (They all went to Ivy League Schools) to legislate new cords that will further bind our liberty before accepting we have been fooled again?

Take the occasion of Lent to lament any hope you've  rashly invested in Trump. He is what he is and the Old Testament (Kings) teaches us what happens to a country that has a man like him as a leader - it is punished.

We at ABE Ministry do not vote in national elections but we were pleased that Trump was elected because we knew we'd be in for a hell of a rhetorical ride and at ABE Ministry we have always insisted that our descent into chaos ought at least provide us with politicians who provide us with laughs and excitement during the descent.

The Trump show is the closest thing we will get to political boogie woogie and, so, we must enjoy the show....

* Against Basically Everything