Thursday, May 25, 2017

Amish odds and ends

If an Amish child becomes autistic he is traded to the Mennonites for wooden luggage or a basket of radishes.

The Amish do not normally allow for vaccinations because of something or other; prolly it is because Amish vaccinators use macrame corn husks as the bellows which produce the power that makes the wooden needles turn so agonisingly slow. 

Mennonite gangs routinely play pranks on Amish women by arranging for dates with them but then show-up for the dates driving riding lawn mowers.

If an Amish gang member (The Ezechiel Eleven, we ain't from Heaven, is a famous one) is outside after sundown he is considered to be doing the Debbil's bidness and he is barred from climbing a ladder during the next barn raising.

The Amish wait until quite late before deciding whether or nor to accept Baptism. If they do not accept Baptism, they are denounced and sold into slavery to the Mennonites who force them to make wooden luggage, but if they do accept Baptism, the lucky person is tossed into the nearest pond and brained with a dizzying assortment of heirloom apples as the Old German Hymn, You're in the water so duck, is sung by the corn husk-huffing bohunks, while the local Bishop delivers a sermon that ends with the traditional explanation of the use of apples; Well, truth be told, we really can't remember why we brain the newly Baptised with apples but I think it has something to do with Genesis and, besides, it is our tradition.

Many Amish leaders wear shoes constructed solely of hollowed-out butternut squash while their sons just stand barefoot by their side idly kicking over towers of horse turds and muttering, scheisse, repeatedly.

The natural and nationalistic religion of these poor deluded folks will lead to a bad ending but they refuse to leave their putative security blanket and strike out for Jerusalem to join the King.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Absimilation in Manchester, England

Absimilation strikes….

For all the media's glee about him being British born, Masood actually illustrates a thesis I've been arguing for years: that it's not the first generation of immigrants you need to worry about so much as the second and subsequent generations.

As I have argued, some assimilate, some ab-similate; some immigrant lines become more like us while some go the opposite way, becoming more alienated — they ab-similate. Ab-similation is especially probable when there is a deep difference in race or religion, with blacks and Muslims being the most likely to ab-similate.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Don is breaking

Trump’s election illustrated just how much a sizable portion of the American electorate hate both official parties – both of which are ultimately subservient to the Deep State.

The Deep State was shocked at the election of Trump for they had never before even allowed to stand for election any man who could actually threaten its power.
So, Trump was a total shock but The Deep State has rallied and is now in control and Trump is on his way out owing to who he is and how he operates. The truth about Trump is that his most intense personality traits– he is vain, venal, and vengeful- are also his most vulnerable, and easily exploited, weaknesses.
Mr. Trump was shockingly elected but not unexpectedly denied the right to rule by the Deep State; the best he could have done was to reign without ruling – doing the Deep State’s bidding – but he is unconstitutionally (pun intended) incapable of acting that way.
The Deep State is impossible to defeat ultimately although Trump illustrated an outsider could win an election but the Deep State controls everything in America- both parties, media, academy, Hollywood – and the men who created America were foolhardy enough to continue the radical rupture between religion and the State begun in Europe and so the rich and powerful, by design, gained the whip hand here while the various religions have forever fought each other permanently or existed in a cold war state.
The Never Trumpers never accepted his victory and the Trump loyalists will not admit he has been defeated despite all the objective signs he has been defeated. *
C’est la vie.
America has ceased to exist owing to the 1965 immigration changes – the govt elected a new people – and the best that can be hoped for is a relatively peaceful break-up into regional confederations of states but it is difficult to see such great changes without first a bloody internecine war conducted along identitarian lines.
For a preview of what is coming to America, look back at what happened in Yugoslavia where the identitarian (religion is an identity) wars were so deadly and remember the formula - 
Diversity + Proximity = war.
The real Don of New Yawk...

* Yes, even while acknowledging that Alan Dershowitz is prolly correct that Trump is being investigated even though he has broken no law.

O, and if the hypocritical Evil Party wanted to excoriate anyone for cooperating with a foreign country during an election, they'd have to stop traveling to Israel during elections - and, maybe, even not invite Benjamin Netanyahu **, to blab and bellyache in front of the Congress even though he prolly is a member of the American Deep State.