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Ecumenism is the Universal Solvent of Tradition (tm)

Yes, Virginia. Catholic Tradition teaches nobody can judge the Pope.

Here is one last attempt to cast a light on the diabolical darkness of the novelty that Catholic laity should engage in AgitProp to judge a Pope guilty over some putative canonical irregularity and then demand he be tried.

Can. 1404 The First See is judged by no one.

God perchance has willed to terminate the causes of other men by means of men; but the prelate of that [Roman] See He has reserved, without question, to His own judgment. It is His will that the successors of the blessed Apostle Peter should owe their innocence to Heaven alone, and should manifest a pure conscience to the inquisition of the most severe Judge [God]. Do you answer; such will be the condition of all souls in that scrutiny? I retort, that to one was said, ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock I will build my Church’, and again, that by the voice of holy pontiffs, the dignity of his See has been made venerable in the whole world, since all the faithful everywhere are submitted to it, and it is marked out as the head of the whole body”

Ppg 92-96 


Oncet, Catholics were aware of and adhered to this Catholic Tradition but, more and more, the spread of diabolical delusion has reached into some parts of the soi disant traditionalist movement to the point where some members of that cohort are advancing bizarre claims and making irrational demands and which situation is encapsulated by a line from the popular movie, Animal House:

Otter:  I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!

Bluto: We're just the guys to do it.

Benedict XVI is not Pope. Francis is the Pope

 Can. 16 §1. The legislator authentically interprets laws as does the one to whom the same legislator has entrusted the power of authentically interpreting.

In The Catholic Church, the Pope is the Supreme Legislator, thus, it is canonically ineluctable that Benedict XVI resigned in a proper canonical way because he resigned as he did knowing that resigning that way was in compliance with Canon 322.2 as he construed it.

In effect, had he desired to do so, Benedict XVI could have resigned by semaphore standing on an aircraft carrier fiddy five miles off the coast of Italy and that would have been proper because, as SUPREME LEGISLATOR, it is the Pope, not Ms. Ann Barnhardt, who decides what actions are in sync/compliance with Canon Law.

In deciding whether or not he was in synch/compliance with Canon Law when he resigned, who was the Supreme Legislator who had authority to take that decision?

What it Pope Benedict XVI?

Was it you, Disciples of Ann (D.O.A.) ?

Was it you, Lieutenant Weinberg?

Pope Innocent's Consecration Sermon as a warning to Bergoglio

On February 22, 1198, the newly-elected Pope Innocent III, seated on a horse bedecked with scarlet trappings, was led to Saint Peter's and it was there he delivered his consecration sermon * with words that were both a reminder to his own self and a warning to all succeeding Popes. 

Omne animi vitium tanto conspectius in se crimen habet, quanto qui peccat major habiteur.

The higher one may climb in pride of place,

The lower he will sink who falls from grace.

"Pope Innocent III and his times" Joseph Clayton

ABS, always awake and always guarding the Faith:

Friday Fun

ABS has always wanted to have a farm with twin goats named  Mary C. and Doris C. and a little Lamb named C. Divey so when children came to his farm and paid $5.00 to enter his petting zoo ABS could introduce the children to his animals;

                         Mary C. and Doris C.

                            C. Divey

It’s Mary C. goat and Doris C. goat and my little lamb C. Divey, that kid’ll eat ivy too wouldn’t you?