Far less than meets the eye

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Ecumenism is the Universal Solvent of Tradition (tm)

Lutherans do not have a church

The Lutheran faithful is not a Church because it does not have Apostolic Secession, Holy Orders, Eucharist, Holocaust (Holy Sacrifice of Mass) and so please stop identifying it as a Church for such use tends to confuse (at best) 
and corrupt (most likely) the intellects of the faithful.

We do not identify seahorses as being part of the horse family/Equus Genus and so, please, stop labelling the Lutheran faithful a Church.

Seahorses are a genus of fish belonging to the fish family, Syngnathidae, while Lutherans are a genus of christians born into a false religion which also includes other heretics who were also born into false religions.

We have been seduced by Ecumenism (The Universal Solvent of Tradition) to think only of what unites us while forgetting to remember the crucial truths that divide us.

If we were to extend this praxis to other areas of life, we'd soon see of how little value such a praxis is.

Fact; A man's lung is comprised of the virtually the same amount of water as is a pear.

Ecumenism among the species:

My, God!!! My lung has the same amount of water as a Pear!!!! Do you know what that means? In Creation there is virtually no difference between a lung and a pear. O, O, and get this!!  I have two lungs. A Pair of lungs. A Pair. O, my God...Can't you see? A Pear is a pair is a Pear!!!

That means that Jesus could have been born a pear and still have redeemed us and it would have even made more sense for He saved us by dying on a tree and where do pears grow? That's right. And we haven't even gotten to the tree in Paradise....

Friday Fun


While it may be true that no man is an island, this woman is. Her name, in Dutch, Maggie de Block, literally means, Maggie is the size of a housing unit.

The World War Two crimes against the Jews

Few men are interested in learning what Jewish Organisations did and did not do during the time the Nazis were committing war crimes against the Jews during World War Two.

Pope Pius XII is routinely criticised for "not doing enough" to protect Jews in foreign countries while Rome was occupied by the Nazis. However, like anti semitism "not doing enough" is never defined.

In America, there was no Nazi occupation but Jewish Groups here were more silent about the atrocities committed against Jews than was The Pope who has been relentlessly criticised for decades. Why is that ?

Well, one way to avoid having to explain the silence of Jewish Groups about war Crimes against the Jews is to direct the world's attention to the putative failures of Pope Pius XII.

Why are Catholics so reluctant to ask Jewish Groups what they were not doing during those malign years and to explain their silence?


Vote? Why?

St Augustine : “there is no justice save in that commonwealth whose founder and ruler is Christ” and “kingdoms without justice are but criminal gangs”.
Thus, any country (like our American Empire) that legislates contrary to the commandments of Jesus Christ, King of Heaven and Earth, is aught but a criminal gang.
America, the Evil Empire, is the biggest baddest ass alpha dog gang ever, compared to which the Crips and the Bloods are aught but crippled blood hound puppies.

So what sentient Catholic Traditionalist wants to vote for the Political Crips, the Stupid Party (Republicans) or vote for the Political Bloods, the Evil Party (Democrats) and continue to validate the baddest ass gang ever?
Gangs are violent, lawless, vicious, and always striving to conquer the territory of other gangs.
And Amateur Brain Surgeon is not going to vote for a gang.
Don’t vote in national elections 
Reasons to Quit Voting

There are four sins crying to Heaven for vengeance and all four sins are the public policy of this Evil Empire, America, and all four sins are the favored objects of positive law in this Evil Empire, America.
Willful Murder (Abortion, Unjust Wars, Drones, Assassinations)
The Sin of Sodom (So-called Gay marriage, the acceptance of sodomy as permissible and praise worthy)
Oppression of the Poor (Usury, which is state-sponsored theft of labor).
Defrauding Laborers of their Wages (Mass immigration which undermines the wage scale, closing manufacturing in America and relocating it overseas to be done by slaves)
So, go ahead; vote.
Tell your own self you are discharging you civic duty because you are. As a subject of an Evil Empire, it is your duty to vote to legitimise these institutionalised evils which call to Heaven for God to destroy this Evil Empire.
As for ABS, he ain’t voting. He’ll stay home and not participate in these evil elections. He’ll stay home, drink some quality cabernet and listen to Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven