Hi, little fella.

Sweet Pea * walks past her 2 mos. old brother, Cooper Jackson, kisses him on the forehead and says, I love you little fella.

That is an expression she recently picked up from an Uncle who refers to CJ that way.

Sweet Pea's Mom has a sister, Aly, who recently had a baby, Emma, who is now about a month old.

When Sweet Pea walks past Emma, she says, Hi little fella.

These are the happiest days of ABS' life.

* Sweet Pea (28 mos. old Maddison) and Cooper Jackson are the grandchildren of ABS and The Bride

Going North to get to the South

In Florida, one must go north to get to the south and so ABS and The Bride are headed for Franklin, Tennessee for several days to visit The Bride's fam.

Franklin and Nashville where real country music survives and thrives.

Here's a sampling of the culture one can still find in the south.

ABS will be back in several days.

What's Hebrew for "Ut, Oh, we messed-up, let's get the hell out of here?"

French Jewish groups, including Western Europe’s largest charity for Jews, signed a declaration of principles for coordinated efforts to provide relief for Syrian refugees.
The declaration, initiated by French Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia and published Thursday, states each of the six co-signatory groups will “act to accompany the refugees, each according to its competences and abilities and with its traditional partners,” but “especially in administrative and medical matters.”
In recent weeks, tens of thousands of migrants, including refugees, have entered the European Union, where a strong public reaction developed to the publication of images of the migrants’ plight and the loss of life among refugees who drowned or suffocated while trying to make it across the border.
Many are refugees from the civil war in Syria. Others come from failed or impoverished countries in the Middle East and Africa.
The signatories to Korsia’s declaration — including the Fonds Social Juif Unifie, which has an annual budget of roughly $10 million and the Union of Jewish Students of France, or UEJF — wrote that their initiative was “guided by the notion of tikkun olam – repairing the world – in Jewish philosophy and out of awareness of a moral struggle occurring in a society too characterized, at times, by individualism.”

French-Jewish families are being forced from their homes in Paris suburbs as Europe continues to be convulsed by levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the end of the Second World War.

The Paris commuter newspaper 20 Minutes documents an “internal exodus” during 2017 of Jews from the Seine-Saint-Denis department, saying it is emblematic of broader concerns that French Jews, like their brothers and sisters across Europe, are finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile their faith with the changing demographics of the continent.
The paper reports that Jews are leaving their homes on the northeastern fringe of Paris to escape the open hostility that French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Sunday condemned as “well-rooted.” The newspaper reports:
This ‘internal exodus’ is difficult to quantify, but it is clear that many synagogues of Seine-Saint-Denis have closed, for lack of people. In Pierrefitte, the rabbi has recorded a 50 percent decline in the congregations since his arrival thirteen years ago. A similar story is told in (nearby) Bondy, where attendance on Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the Jewish calendar) has fallen from about 800 to 400 in the last decade.
The Bondy synagogue president saw a “deteriorating climate” of the last 15 years as driving the exodus, “It’s hard to explain, it’s provocations, it’s looks,” he lamented. “There are places where we do not feel welcome.”

OK, then. Run Oft to Israel and take your Tikkun Olam with you...but where are the Christians of Paris supposed to run oft to?

From Tikkun Olam - repair the world - to ללא שם: הו אה, אנחנו פישל- up, בוא נעבור לעזאזל outta כאן

We messed-up, let's
get the hell outta here.

No, not bitter

S.J. M. Gavin in his 1903 book, "The Sacrifice of the Mass; An explanation of its Doctrine, Rubrics and Prayers," observed, If you wish to find a people who have kept the faith through an almost passionate love for the Mass, look at Ireland where in Dublin alone some 40,000 hear Mass daily.

Father Gavin was Pastor of The Immaculate Conception Church of Farm Street London, and in 1901 he initiated a weekly series of explanations of Catholic Doctrine for the Faithful and the curious.

All of this happened back in the bad old days when the Faithful were taught the four sacrificial aspects of The Mass - The Holocaust/Sacrifice of homage to His sovereign greatness, The Holocaust/Sacrifice of expiation, offered to appease His Justice, The Holocaust/Sacrifice of impetration offered to implore His bounty, and The Holocaust/Sacrifice offered to thank Him for His beauty.

The Mass is a Holocaust which the one True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church offers to God as an offering to His greatness and power, a sacrifice of expiation to appease His Justice, a sacrificed of impetration to solicit His bounty, and a Eucharistic sacrifice offered to Him in thanksgiving for all of his favors.

Back in those benighted times, there was actual ecumenism and actual appreciation of the four sacrificial aspects of the daily Holocaust/Sacrifice but now, thanks to the new ecumenism and the new Lil' Licit Liturgy, we have progressed to the point where it now makes little difference what sect you belong to because universalism and the superstitious Real Mass has been blowed-up and so now we have the Lord's Supper which is a product of the gathering community.

And no, ABS is not bitter about anything just because his progenitors on his Mother's side were from County Cork or because he can not find a Real Mass within a decent drive of where he lives, for he has no reason for bitterness because we have progressed to the point where such irksome truths as Truth no longer matter because all is Mercy.

Prof. Herman NuDix on the continuity of Christmastide

The Catholic Tradition of Christmastide

Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome teaches a course on Christmastide, Everything is different, nothing has changed.

Professor Herman NuDix emailed ABS to try and allay his angst and anger at the obvious rupture in praxis - Christmastide used to always consist of Forty Days beginning with December 25th and ending forty days later on Feb 2, The Feast of Mary's Purification.

Dear ABS, there is no need for you to always be on edge, to always be on alert, to always be on guard, against what you imagine to be any changes in the Liturgical Year for any such "change" is merely superficial and does not really signify change at all but, rather, the very changes that unsettle you are, of course, just additional proof of continuity.

While it is superficially and nominally accurate  (although this is argumentative on your part, I think) to observe that for this year - 2017 - Christmastide consists of just fifteen days - 15- as per the USCCB, and not forty days there is no reason for you to go mental.

Christmas Season Banner
Advent Calendar december-25
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Christmas is one of the most important days of the Church year, second only to Easter itself. It is the feast of the incarnation, the feast of God becoming flesh (the Latin "in carne" means "enfleshment"). It is a uniquely Christian teaching, the Divine choosing to become one of us. Because of this belief,God is not only Transcendent, but also wholly Immanent, Emmanuel (God-with-us). While remaining Transcendent (meaning we must rise above our present condition to reach Him), He is at the same time Immanent (meaning He is with us as we rise toward Him). Every Eucharist is like Christmas where the bread and wine are transformed into His flesh, His Body and Blood, and, in a sense, He is born anew on the altar. 
The liturgical season of Christmas begins with the vigil Masses on Christmas Eve and concludes on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. During this season, we celebrate the birth of Christ into our world and into our hearts, and reflect on the gift of salvation that is born with him…including the fact that he was born to die for us.
The Christmas tree and the Nativity scene are popular symbols of the season and a tradition in many Christian homes. It is also traditional to exchange Christmas gifts with family and friends as a way to honor God the Father's gift of his only son to the world. Having received the gift of Christ, we naturally want to pass that gift along to our loved ones.
Below, you will find links to blessings and other content to help you celebrate this season of joy and hope for salvation.

Now, ABS, I would like you to consider for a 
moment that both fifteen and forty are divisible by
five and what does the traditional song of 

Christmas, "The Twelve Days of Christmas," 

teach about the fifth day of Christmas?

On the fifth day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
5 Golden Rings
4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

ABS, since the glorious revolution of the early 

1960s, the modern church has reached out with 

open arms to the ever- maturing world and has 

read the signs of the times (and the New York 

Times) and concluded there had to be not only a

dialogue with the world but an accommodation 

with the world and so, in its wisdom, the 

Magisterium has taken the prudential decision to

split the difference between the forty days of 

Christmas and the "Twelve days of Christmas" 

and while some, and no doubt you are one of them 

my recalcitrant friend, may say that is a surrender 

rather than an accommodation, one must not 

judge others because Gospel.

The fact remains that Christmastide is aught but 

another example of the hermeneutics of continuity

in that Christmas does still fall on the 25th of 

December and during this busy time of year, Holy

Mother Church thinks it is important that 

Catholics can join with their non-Catholic, and 

even pagan, friends on the Feast of the 

Groundhog on Feb 2 and talk with them about 

how the  Groundhog is an type of Messias for if 

the Groundhog is not only humble but a recondite 

symbol of Christ born  in a  cave and then exiting

to be the light of the world  then what does the 

Groundhog symbolise to the world?

At this time of year, ABS, we must seek mercy and 

not strife; we must seek mercy and not numerical 

perfection ,for who of us is perfect?

ABS, remember the words of the Good Book;

The words of Ecclesiastes, the son of David, King 

of Jerusalem.

Continuity  of Continuity, said Ecclesiastes,
Continuity of Continuity, and all is Continuity.

Modernism in poetry

Maridiaga has a first name,
It's Oscar;
Everything he has to say is,


Surgical exploration of what number triggers use of EMHCs completed. The number is 25.

Dear ABS, you go to the Lil' Licit Liturgy 

daily, right?


How do you stay sane and Keep the Faith?

Obviously, ABS is not sane, but he Keeps the 
Faith once delivered.

Have you discovered the required minimum number of communicants that triggers the presence and praxis of the so-called Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion?

Yes. The number is 25, as of today. The 
scientific  research that ABS  undertook and completed at The Lil' Licit  Liturgy today revealed that 25 communicants was the number that triggered the presence and praxis of the EMHCs.

Other days, the sufficient number is, 18, or
12, or even as few as 9 as the minimum number  of communicants required to trigger the presence and praxis of EMHC is as flexible as is the putative form of the Lord's Supper.

You mean that EMHCs are there every single day despite the reality that the daily Lil' Licit Liturgy has a very few number of communicants?

YES, those small numbers reflect the Vatican Two reality that normal events are now extraordinary events and that even small numbers are "sizable."

Well, technically, any number can be construed as "sizable" even if that number is small.

Yes, the blessing of Vatican Two is unceasing in its revealing of revolutionary reality, isn't it?

Still, it can be construed as good news in that now some men can say that "sizable"...

Don't go there....

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 

at Mass

Liturgy Guides 

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at 


General Principles 

In every celebration of the Eucharist, there should 

be a sufficient number of ministers of Holy 

Communion so that it may be distributed in a 

reverent and orderly manner. Bishops, priests and 

deacons distribute Holy Communion in virtue of 

their office as ordinary ministers of the Body and 

Blood of the Lord. (1) When the size of the 

congregation or the incapacity of the bishop, 

priest, or deacon requires it, the celebrant may be 

assisted by other bishops, priests, or deacons. If 

such ordinary ministers of Holy Communion are 

not present, "the priest may call upon 

extraordinary ministers to assist him, i.e., duly 

instituted acolytes or even other faithful who have 

been deputed for this purpose. In case of 

necessity, the priest may also depute suitable 

faithful for this single occasion (GIRM 162)."

What happened to the Trad who accidentally stepped into the Vatican Two revolutionary hole and saw where all that was of value in Tradition had been dropped?

A Francis Festivus

Pope upbraids Vatican bureaucracy: Serve the world, not 'degraded logic of small cliques'

CNS-Curia c.jpg

Francis curia speech
Pope Francis speaks during his annual pre-Christmas meeting with top officials of the Roman Curia and Vatican City State and with cardinals living in Rome in the Clementine Hall Dec. 21 at the Vatican. At left is is Archbishop Georg Ganswein, prefect of the papal household. (CNS/Reuters pool/Claudio Peri) 
VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis again upbraided the high-level Catholic prelates who run the Vatican bureaucracy in an annual pre-Christmas speech Dec. 21, telling them to get beyond what he termed an "unbalanced and degraded logic of plots and small cliques" in order to better serve him, the global church and the world at large.
Francis told the cardinals and bishops who run the bureaucracy to not "let themselves be bribed by their ambition" in search for higher office but rather to act simply as antennae that listen for the "cries, joys and tears of the churches of the world" and relay what they hear to him.
Most of all, the pope told the prelates the Vatican is not designed to be closed in on itself but to be at the service of the world, especially local bishops, "for whose good it operates and acts."

He is wrong. Jesus established His Church for two main reasons;


and in establishing it, He invested it with universal authority with a mandate to TEACH.

Considering itself as of being of service to one of its enemies (World, Flesh, Devil are our ancient and permanent enemies) means the world is the authority when, rather, it is the plain and simple truth that the Church is supposed to be serving GOD for HE is the authority and actualising HIS WILL and OBEYING ALL THE COMMANDMENTS OF JESUS is what the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church should be about.

Speaking in the apostolic palace's 16th-century Clementine Hall in his colorful style, Francis warned: "A curia closed up in itself would betray the objective of its existence and would fall into self-centeredness, condemning itself to self-destruction."

Of the top of his head, ABS can not think of another Pope who was more self-centered than Franciscus - he wants to activate/implement/impose on everyone else his personal agenda; an agenda of his particular passions, proclivities, politics and theological perversions all of which are a clear rupture from the 255 popes who preceded him.
The pope was speaking Dec. 21 in an annual meeting that under previous pontiffs had simply been a polite encounter to exchange greetings before the holidays.
But, in 2014, he shocked the Vatican bureaucracy, known as the Roman curia, by using the occasion to list off 15 "spiritual sicknesses" he said he had witnessed among them. In 2016, he lashed out at high-level prelates who have been opposing his efforts to reform the Vatican, saying some are practicing a "malevolent resistance."
This year, Francis focused on the curia's relationship with the wider world, especially with other nations, Christian denominations and other religions. The pope laced his 30-minute address with references to three different analogies for how he thinks the curia should work: as a deacon, always aimed at serving others; as antennae, relaying signals; and as parts of a body, feeling and relaying sensations.
Describing the role of senses as "helping us to grasp the real and equally to place ourselves in the real," Francis said that ability helps identify what is essential and not.
"This is very important in getting beyond the unbalanced and degraded logic of plots and small cliques that in reality represent — despite all their justifications and good intentions — a cancer that brings on self-centeredness, that infiltrates ecclesiastical organisms and the people who work in them," said the pope.
Francis then lambasted "the betrayers of trust or the profiteers of the maternity of the church; people that are selected to give better vigor to reform but — not understanding the highness of their calling — let themselves be bribed by ambition or vainglory and when they are delicately removed erroneously declare themselves martyrs of the system, of a 'pope who doesn't know,' of the 'old-guard,' instead of reciting 'mea culpa.' "
Among those who left Vatican service in the last year were the city-state's first auditor general, a deputy in the so-called Vatican bank, and the former head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, German Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

In tying the role of members of the curia to that of a deacon, Francis referred to the third-century Didascalia Apostolorum, which describes the deacon as "the ear and the mouth of the bishop, his heart and his soul."
"I don't believe it's an accident that the ear is the organ of hearing but also of equilibrium, and the mouth the organ of breathing but also speaking," Francis said. "The relation we can deduce from these images is that of a communion of filial obedience for the service of the holy people of God."
The pope told his subordinates he referred to them as deacons and as parts of one body "to explain that in order to reach the spaces where the Spirit speaks to the churches today ... it is necessary, in fact indispensable, to practice discernment of the signs of the times, communion in service, charity in truth, docility to the Spirit and confident obedience to superiors."
Francis then explained how he wants the curia to interact with other nations, local churches, eastern Catholic churches, in ecumenical dialogue and with other religions. He told the Vatican bureaucrats that their relationship with local bishops should be based on "collaboration, trust, and never superiority or conflict."
"The Roman curia ... has as its reference point not only the Bishop of Rome, from which it takes its authority, but also surely the local churches and their pastors around the whole world, for whose good it operates and acts," he said.
In the curia's relation with other nations, Francis praised the role of Vatican diplomacy, which he called "the sincere and constant search to make the Holy See a builder of bridges, peace and dialogue among nations."

He said the role of Vatican diplomats is to "listen, understand, help, lift up and intervene readily and respectfully in any situation to close the distance and weave trust."
"The only interest of Vatican diplomacy is that of being free of any worldly or material interest," he said.
Francis ended his speech with a reflection on the meaning of the Christmas story, when Christians believe God entered into human history as a small child.

At a later meeting with non-managerial Vatican staff Dec. 21, Francis asked their forgiveness, saying that at times the people around them have not always been good role models and have made mistakes. The pope also said he wanted to end the Vatican's system of hiring some workers on a temporary basis or even paying them "under the table," saying such arrangements do not respect the dignity of the officials' work.
Francis inserted some of his trademark humor into his Christmas message with the curia's prelates. Referring at one point to his continuing efforts to reform the Vatican, he quoted 19th-century Belgian archbishop and papal statesman Xavier de Mérode's assertion that "reforming Rome is like cleaning the Sphinx of Egypt with a toothbrush."

The Pope can insult the Faithful all the damn day long but ABS ain't abandoning the Faith once delivered even if Franciscus never fully accepted it or having once accepted it then abandoned much of it.

It makes no difference to ABS because the Pope is culpable for what he does and doesn't do.

ABS can tell him though that it is mighty jejune and girlish of him to bitch so much when he has so much power.

Franciscus is a mean old man who would do well to simply resign and return to the Favelas he loves.