The Official Car of The Anthropocentric Global Warming Crowd.

The real reason we at ABE * Ministry posted the charts is so the photo below would not have any of the Blog Archive list writing appearing inside it. 

Yeah, this is a real photo taken at a gas station in Wellington, Fl and, no, Amateur Brain Surgeon has no idea what convictions about soteriology this man is possessed of and he was not about to ask.

And as the seas rise and threaten to drown poor Amateur Brain Surgeon in Florida, he makes plans to move to higher ground - Piemonte, Italy

Yeah, that last name also makes ABS wonder and he speculates that back in The Middle Ages, back when Bra was still a walled city with an enticing metal gate, back in the days of ribald Roman romance, more than one young male was caught after sundown trying to pick the lock to Bra to discover what was inside of it. 

This song mentions mountains and valleys and so we wee men at ABE Ministry have qualified it as a song about the environment.


If you are a man and you danced like a majority of  the men in this video, you should go to Confession; immediately.

* Against Basically Everything

Nothing is more American than pro wrestling

Who has the best professional wrestling name ever?

Is it Gorilla Monsoon - a Monsoon of Gorillas; that is, if one were to wrestle him between May and September, one would be facing a virtual non-stop deluge of Gorillas.


Or is it Haystack Calhoun - a Haystack-sized collection of men named, Calhoun?

ABS is of the opinion that Gorilla Monsoon is the best professional wrestling name ever.

ABS is planning to supplement his Social Security Income by joining the Senior Wrestling Tour where he will compete under the nick name, Crybaby Pudding Belly, the absent-minded Ab-less man.

Sure, the name is a but long but it is memorable.

The Great Commission is to make friends?


     Seeking unity with those who deny the sole Divinely-Constitued Church established by Jesus Christ (and His Commandments) without them first repudiating their errors  and converting to the One True Faith is to do the work of the Devil.

It is within the lifetime of ABS that one could understand such an impetus being actualised by Masonry * (and only Masonry) but not by the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church but that was prior to the revolution within the form of Catholicism which supplanted Salvific Theocentrism with political and social Anthropocentrism.

Jesus gives us what we want and we want  man and we want unity at all cost no matter whether we unify with those who reject the Church Jesus established or whether we unify with those who reject the Sacramental System established by Jesus or whether we unify with those who reject the Commandments of Jesus.

We want a unity that reconciles Christ with Belial.

And still invisibilium within the Hierarchy is that Prelate whose puissant possession of Tradition is such that it could be used as a force against our Inertia Into Indifferentism.

Statement on Freemasonry and Religion

Prepared by the Masonic Information Center

Basic Principles. Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. It requires of its members a belief in God as part of the obligation of every responsible adult, but advocates no sectarian faith or practice. Masonic ceremonies include prayers, both traditional and extempore, to reaffirm each individual’s dependence on God and to seek divine guidance. Freemasonry is open to men of any faith, but religion may not be discussed at Masonic meetings.

The Supreme Being. Masons believe that there is one God and that people employ many different ways to seek, and to express what they know of God. Masonry primarily uses the appellation, “Grand Architect of the Universe,” and other non-sectarian titles, to address the Deity. In this way, persons of different faiths may join together in prayer, concentrating on God, rather than differences among themselves. Masonry believes in religious freedom and that the relationship between the individual and God is personal, private, and sacred.

Volume of the Sacred Law. An open volume of the Sacred Law, “the rule and guide of life,” is an essential part of every Masonic meeting. The Volume of the Sacred Law in the Judeo/Christian tradition is the Bible; to Freemasons of other faiths, it is the book held holy by them.

The Oath of Freemasonry. The obligations taken by Freemasons are sworn on the Volume of the Sacred Law. They are undertakings to follow the principles of Freemasonry and to keep confidential a Freemason’s means of recognition. The much discussed “penalties,” judicial remnants from an earlier era, are symbolic, not literal. They refer only to the pain any honest man should feel at the thought of violating his word.

Freemasonry Compared with Religion. Freemasonry lacks the basic elements of religion: (a) It has no dogma or theology, no wish or means to enforce religious orthodoxy. (b) It offers no sacraments. (c) It does not claim to lead to salvation by works, by secret knowledge, or by any other means. The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with modes of recognition, not with the means of salvation.

Freemasonry Supports Religion. Freemasonry is far from indifferent toward religion. Without interfering in religious practice, it expects each member to follow his own faith and to place his Duty to God above all other duties. Its moral teachings are acceptable to all religions.

Prepared by the Masonic Information Center

Are we all to be Masons now?

And what is the obsession with sameness?
    Human lungs and pears have roughly the same amount of water – 83%- but, say, were one to have cancerous lungs, a man would not be too keen on a Doctor suggesting surgery in which a pair of pears replaced his pair of lungs.

Prime Time


Now in the sun’s new dawning ray,
Lowly of heart, our God we pray
That he from harm may keep us free
In all the deeds this day shall see.

May fear of him our tongues restrain,
Lest strife unguarded speech should stain:

His favouring care our guardian be,
Lest our eyes feed on vanity.

May every heart be pure from sin
And folly find no place therein:
Scant need of food, excess denied,
Wear down in us the body’s pride.

That when the light of day is gone,
And night in course shall follow on.
We, free from cares the world affords,
May chant the praise that is our Lord’s.

* All laud to God the Father be,
All praise, Eternal Son, to thee:
All glory, as is ever meet,
To God the holy Paraclete.

Senator ABS questions the squirrely Comey, The fool on the hill

Earlier, Comey likened Trump expressing the “hope” that the investigation into Flynn would disappear to an anecdote about Henry II. Specifically that king’s complicity in the murder of his Archibishop of Canterbury–Thomas Becket– in 1170.
Specifically, Henry II reportedly said: “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest,” in the presence of his aristocratic cronies, which they took as direction to kill him.

Senator ABS: Mr. Comey. To the best of your ability, do you know what an analogy is?

Comey: I'm not sure I  follow you, Senator ABS.

Senator ABS. Was king Henry VIII speaking directly to Thomas Beckett?

Comey. Um, no...but I don't see what that has..

Senator ABS. You are trying to establish an analogy that what the King said is analogous to what POTUS Trump said but Trump was speaking directly to you and not to his sycophants, right?

If the two scenarios were analogous, The King  would have had to have been speaking directly to Thomas Beckett, right?

Comey. O

Senator ABS. To the best of your recollection, Mr. Comey, have you ever been assassinated?

Comey. No.

Senator ABS: Given your long and squirrely history as a known leaker and an usurper of the legal authority of others

do you think that POTUS Trump wants you assassinated when you have already done such an expert job of assassinating your own character?

Comey. I need a break to leak....

Holy Roller Hootenanny as The AP quotes mendacious martyrphobe

ROME — Pope Francis joined thousands of Charismatic Catholics, Pentecostals and evangelicals at a rousing rally Saturday aimed at showing Christians united in prayer.
Francis actually joined in the singing — a rarity for a pope who professes to be tone deaf — and raised his arms up at the end of the vigil on the Circus Maximus in Rome.
More than his predecessors, Francis has embraced the charismatic wing of the Catholic Church, even though as a young Jesuit he dismissed charismatics as a "samba school."
Saturday's event signaled that he sees charismatics as key actors in bridging the Christian divide with communities that often are the main competitors for souls in Africa, Asia and South America.
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Francis told the crowd: "We have differences, but we want to have reconciled diversity."
He repeated his frequent refrain that Christians today are united in the "ecumenism of blood" given that Islamic extremists are targeting Christians regardless of denomination.

"The witness of our martyrs unites us today," the pope said. "In various places, where blood is being shed, today the unity of Christians is more urgent than ever."
Francis also made a slight rhetorical overreach by telling the crowd he had wanted to hold the rally at the Circus Maximus because it was where "Christians were persecuted for the fun of those who were there to watch."
However, there is little historic evidence that Christians were martyred on the huge field, said Candida Moss, professor of early Christianity at the University of Notre Dame and author of "The Myth of Persecution: How early Christians Invented a Dangerous Legacy." *
"This idea became enormously popular as part of a cluster of 19th century tourist urban legends," Moss said in an email. "Much like the myths of Christians hiding in the catacombs and being thrown to the lions in the Colisseum, there's not much truth to the story."

Candy Moss is a Notre Dame Dame who lies about history for those who control American discourse.

The thesis of this book is breathtakingly simple. Martyrdom stories, writes Candida Moss, professor of the New Testament and early Christianity at the University of Notre Dame, were “crafted out of thin air.”[1] When it comes to the accounts of those who died rather than renounce their Christian faith, “We are no longer dealing with stories that are authentic. We are teetering precariously on the cusp of crude plagiarism and fanciful invention.”[2] Chroniclers of the sufferings of early Christians like Eusebius did not give accurate historical accounts in their books; instead “they set down in writing campfire stories or gossipy oral traditions, the origins of which are completely unknown.”[3] Moss repeats the same thesis over and over again throughout the book:

The traditional history of Christian martyrdom is mistaken. Christians were not constantly persecuted, hounded, or targeted by the Romans. Very few Christians died, and when they did, they were often executed for what we in the modern world would call political reasons. There is a difference between persecution and prosecution. A persecutor targets representatives of a specific group for undeserved punishment merely because of their participation in that group. An individual is prosecuted because that person has broken the law.[4]

I'd rather be dead.

The British Medical Journal reported last week that Dutch legislators are considering the extension of their law of euthanasia to old people who are not fatally ill but merely tired of life and who therefore wish to shuffle off this mortal coil before their time. If the Devil should not have all the best tunes, why should dying have all the best deaths?  What have they done to deserve it? Let us be reasonable.

God loves America best