Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fun facts for Whitey

Disney Owned ESPN has a SJW who routinely hisses about White America as he slithers on TV and the funny thing is that ESPN is destroying itself by letting America-Haters hiss and spit about a sport most America men love.

Yes, it is insane but that is liberalism.

Dan LeBatard insists the NFL owners must change and accept the antics of the former San Francisco quarterback because it is his issue or some such nonsense.

What sane NFL Owner wants that pathetic prick pissing off its fans? Let him stay in Africa working on his cause...

O, and just like Barack (blackety, blacekty, blackety, black, black, black) he is a mulatto who is endlessly fascinated and obsessed with his blackness and is frustrated we do not give the least shit about him or his cause.

It is a fecking GAME not a political rally for negritude

Tacitus: "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise.”

For more than one-half of a century, the media has hated on Whitey; he has been daily beleaguered and lambasted as a racist good for nothing Bible-reading gun-toting slavery- loving anti-semitic homophobic xenophobic P.O.S. Nazi.

Who owns the media that has been doing this to the, rapidly diminishing, majority of Americans?

The following fact-based charts will never be seen on any media controlled by the Messias-Deniers because they do not want Christian Whitey to become aware of who it is who is contributing to his ignorance and downfall. 

You will not see these charts produced on their shows and examined on any broadcast of

ABC   A Bunch Commies
CBS    Commies Bitching and Sulking
NBC    Nothing But Commies
CNN    Commie Nation Nutters

Sorry Messias-Deniers and Commie Bastids but facts are facts

Among natives, blacks receive cash handouts at more than three times the white rate; Hispanics at more than twice the white rate. Rates for black and Hispanic immigrants are relatively lower due to often-ignored restrictions on immigrant use of these programs.
Among all households, native blacks and Hispanics receive food handouts at three times the white rate; for Hispanic immigrants, the figure is four times the white rate. Among households with children, nearly all immigrant Hispanics–86 percent–get food aid. Native blacks and Hispanics aren’t far behind, with rates of 75 and 72 percent, respectively.
It’s clear, too, that non-whites benefit disproportionately from Medicaid, which helps explain why red states have opted out of Medicaid expansion.

                     White is beautiful. 

White is evil only to those who hate you. White is beautiful. Christianity is beautiful and Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe and Europe was a great place to live and it used to be a great place to visit because it was a great continent because on that continent, at one time, every single baby born there was Baptised as a Christian Catholic.

White is beautiful. Do not let anybody anywhere at any time tell you differently. White is beautiful.

Here is what you say when some pathetic loser starts to tell you about the sins of White America:

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