Friday, July 28, 2017

Many soi disant Trads could not honestly swear the Oath Against Modernism (1)

The Oath Against Modernism


To be sworn to by all clergy, pastors, confessors, preachers, religious superiors, and professors in philosophical-theological seminaries.

I . . . . firmly embrace and accept each and every definition that has been set forth and declared by the unerring teaching authority of the Church, especially those principal truths which are directly opposed to the errors of this day.

One of the big problems that many of our evangelical brothers and sisters have with the Catholic Church is that it appears to have and endless number of traditions that seem to get in the way of the simple word of God in the Scriptures. In addition to this, Catholics uphold the Teaching authority of the Church (“Magisterium” being the Latin word for this) which seems to compete with the authority of the Bible. Interesting enough, though prior Church Councils such as Trent (16th century) had affirmed the importance of extra-biblical traditions and the teaching authority of the Church, no official document had ever really attempted to explain the exact nature of Tradition and Magisterium and how they relate to Scripture. The fathers of the Second Vatican Council, understanding the strategic importance of this issue, were determined to address all this in Dei Verbum, their Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation.  

Those soi disant traditionalists who reject Vatican Two entirely and/or describe it as a heretical council or merely a pastoral council * appear to have been blinded to the fact that the council produced legitimate developments of doctrine and this is one example.

And we know it is a legitimate development of Doctrine for at least two reasons:

1. It defined that which had heretofore not been officially defined by the Magisterium

2. Mons. Marcel Lefebvre signed this document and owing to the reality so many soi disant traditionalists consider him to be the apotheosis of Tradition, it means that Dei Verbum is perfectly a part of Tradition as a legitimate development of Doctrine.

Still, it remains a sad irony that those bemoaning the death of The Oath Against Modernism (ABS is in favor of its reinstitution) could not honestly swear the Oath because they reject the very first sentence of the Oath.

* There is not one thing wrong with a pastoral approach to anything but many soi disant trads have made of it a monstrous entity and, in another sad irony, it is they who have changed the definition of a perfectly acceptable word denoting a perfectly acceptable praxis and making it sound as though it were a form of Satanic Marxism.


  1. 1) Notice how many of your recent blogposts contain "Muh Lefebvre Signature".
    2) The Catholic Isthmusers make an algebraic error. They think x + [whatever you put in the box] = Tradition.

  2. Dear TradDadSTL. The argument from authority is just ABS returning the serve of the schismatics and sedes (and hitting a winner that raises chalk and angst on the baseline).

    Mons. Lefebvre is the popularly acclaimed apotheosis of Tradition (He is another St Athanasius ) and he signed all the documents of Vatican Two which, at the every least, means all of the documents are capable of being reconciled with Tradition. Either that or he is a heretic.

    Now, Tradition is not what Mons.Lefebvre ABS says it is or what TradDad says it is; Tradition is what Holy Mother Church says is Tradition.

    O, as an aside, could you swear the oath against modernism?

    ABS could

  3. Yes, i could swearthe oath. T

  4. What year was the 'pastoral approach' invented? Was it an invention to fight 'the tradituonal Catholic approach"? Of course there is nothing 'wrong' with the pastoral approach on the other hand there is nothing particularly 'right' about the pastoral approach. See how it works yet? Modernists offer the jello alternative as a method to reject the traditional catholic approach. Re: SSPX and its founder. It is undesputed that they preserved the Latin Mass in the modern world. They seem to be ridiculted from every direction and hated by those in power. Signing the documents of V2 were to confirm attendence at the council. I believe the idea that V2 was pastoral in nature and design is also undesputed church-wide.

  5. "Signing the documents of V2 were to confirm attendence at the council. "

    Dear S. That gambit by those who succor the SSPX was exposed as a lie a very long time ago

  6. I actually thought i made it up. I do not speak for the SSPX. I admire them for sure. Whenever anybody talks trash about them i find it odd. Its like they simply rain on the V2 parade and eveybody wants them excommunicated. It reminds me of the great Fr. Feeny. Clergy who have been tossed out by the SSPX appear also to be a great bumch of men. I like especially when sodomite priests tell them they are not Catholic. A belly laugh for sure. Speaking of belly laughs, until somebody can point out my sinful disobedience to Mr. Bergoglio and how simplly holding an opinion on the current state of the Chair of Peter, I'll be in the back row smirking, I get it.

  7. Dear S. Sure, you just made-up your claim that signatures on Vatican Two documents only indicated one's presence at the council even though your supposedly made-up claim has long been part of the lies told by those who succor the schism.

  8. ABS. You are questioning my honesty? Cardinal so-in-so signed the documents of V2... and?? That proves what? Your pride and obedience to 'what you feel' is true seems simply dumb at this point. Jose Galat a popular lay catholic figure in latin american TV was just excommunicated for suggesting Francis the talking mule is not Pope and Benedict XVI still is. The guy has 50mil regular TV viewers. Do you have to slosh through the sodomite orgy residue to recognize what is goung on here? You mentioned draft dodgers at one point - you sir, who claim to be a church militant have found yourself perhaps by hapanstance to be in a leadership position. So lead. The enemy is in sight and you opt to reflect on the basic lessons of the gunny. Way way too late. The SSPX is one strong hold in a world of dam few and you have a problem with them? I am sorry ABS i have been overcone by dumb.

  9. Dear S. Galat got what was coming to him.

    The SPX refuses communion with Pope Francis and that ain't Catholic and so AbS does have a problem with them