Friday, July 21, 2017

Pouring the laver of truth on the Novus Ordo Witch

Many Sedevacantists, a Latin term literally meaning - Pull up a chair and vacate your mind - routinely seek after advice, spiritual counseling, and accurate Doctrinal information from this most curious of sources, The Novus Ordo Watch.

ABE Ministry think the Novus Ordo Witch has cast a spell on these poor deluded men (most sedes are men) and The Novus Ordo Witch must be confronted and proven wrong on a point it can be relied upon to get wrong time after time Per Omnia secular saeculorum.

Now, one would think the Novus Ordo Witch could, occasionally, take a break from throwing brick and bats, and even brickbats, into its cauldron and actually read the Third Council of Constantinople but that appears not to have happened and so we at ABE Ministry have taken a few minutes to round-up a few tasty quotes from The Third Council...

The third council of constantinople - 680-681 ad

This pious and orthodox creed of the divine favour was enough for a complete knowledge of the orthodox faith and a complete assurance therein. But since from the first, the contriver of evil did not rest, finding an accomplice in the serpent and through him bringing upon human nature the poisoned dart of death, so too now he has found instruments suited to his own purpose--namely Theodore, who was bishop of Pharan, Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paul and Peter, who were bishops of this imperial city, and further Honorius, who was pope of elder Rome, Cyrus, who held the see of Alexandria, and Macarius, who was recently bishop of Antioch, and his disciple Stephen -- and has not been idle in raising through them obstacles of error against the full body of the church sowing with novel speech among the orthodox people the heresy of a single will and a single principle of action in the two natures of the one member of the holy Trinity Christ our true God, a heresy in harmony with the evil belief, ruinous to the mind, of the impious Apollinarius, Severus and Themistius, and one intent on removing the perfection of the becoming man of the same one lord Jesus Christ our God, through a certain guileful device, leading from there to the blasphemous conclusion that his rationally animate flesh is without a will and a principle of action

"With Honorius, who did not, as became the Apostolic authority, extinguish the flame of heretical teaching in its first beginning, but fostered it by his negligence." That is, he did not insist on the "two operations", but agreed with Sergius that the whole matter should be hushed up. Pope Honorius was subsequently included in the lists of heretics anathematized by the Trullan Synod, and by the seventh and eighth ecumenical councils without special remark; also in the oath taken by every new pope from the eighth century to the eleventh in the following words: "Together with Honorius, who added fuel to their wicked assertions" (Liber diurnus, ii, 9). It is clear that no Catholic has the right to defend Pope Honorius. He was a heretic, not in intention, but in fact; and he is to be considered to have been condemned in the sense in which Origen and Theodore of Mopsuestia, who died in Catholic communion, never having resisted the Church, have been condemned.

"We anathematize the inventors of the new error, that is, Theodore, Sergius, ...and also Honorius, who did not attempt to sanctify this Apostolic Church with the teaching of Apostolic tradition, but by profane treachery permitted its purity to be polluted." 

"Those whose impious dogmas we execrate, we judge that their names also shall be cast out of the holy Church of God", that is, Sergius, Cyrus, Pyrrhus, Peter, Paul, Theodore, all which names were mentioned by the holy Pope Agatho in his letter to the pious and great emperor, "and were cast out by him, as holding views contrary to our orthodox faith; and these we define to be subject to anathema. And in addition to these we decide that Honorius also, who was pope of elder Rome, be with them cast out of the holy Church of God, and be anathematized with them, because we have found by his letter to Sergius that he followed his opinion in all things, and confirmed his wicked dogmas". These last words are true enough, and if Sergius was to be condemned Honorius could not be rescued. The legates made no objection to his condemnation. The question had indeed arisen unexpectedly out of the reading of Macarius's packet; but the legates must have had instructions from the pope how to act under the circumstances.

Third Council of Cinstantiinople

Session XVI - Extracts from the Acts

[The Acclamations of the Fathers.]

Many years to the Emperor! Many years to Constantine, our great Emperor! Many years to the Orthodox King! Many years to our Emperor that makes peace! Many years to Constantine, a second Martian! Many years to Constantine, a new Theodosius! Many years to Constantine, a new Justinian! Many years to the keeper of the orthodox faith! O Lord preserve the foundation of the Churches! O Lord preserve the keeper of the faith!

Many years to Agatho, Pope of Rome! Many years to George, Patriarch of Constantinople! Many years to Theophanus, Patriarch of Antioch! Many years to the orthodox council! Many years to the orthodox Senate!

To Theodore of Pharan, the heretic, anathema! 
To Sergius, the heretic, anathema! 
To Cyrus, the heretic, anathema! 
To Honorius, the heretic, anathema! 
To Pyrrhus, the heretic, anathema! 
To Paul the heretic, anathema! 
To Peter the heretic, anathema! 
To Macarius the heretic, anathema! 
To Stephen the heretic, anathema! 
To Polychronius the heretic, anathema! 
To Apergius of Perga the heretic, anathema! 
To all heretics, anathema! To all who side with heretics, anathema! 

May the faith of the Christians increase, and long years to the orthodox and Ecumenical Council!

And may the sedes recover use of their intellects and return home because EENS.

With regard to those truths connected to revelation by historical necessity and which are to be held definitively, but are not able to be declared as divinely revealed, the following examples can be given: the legitimacy of the election of the Supreme Pontiff ….


  1. You evidently did not read the Novus Ordo Watch article because if you did you would not be rantly stupidly!

  2. Ya, i can see how a document written over 1,000 years ago offers a compelling argument that proves a man who refers to eating excrement, offers that catholics need not breed like rabbits and at this point appears to be 'king' of modern day sodom is the vicar of Christ on earth. NOT. Sedevacantism certainly smashes the paradigm of vatican II and its 50 years of error. Sedevacantism is a sinless opinion which many reasonable Catholics share.

    1. Dear S. It is not merely a document but, rather, the acts of an infallible Ecumenical Council.

      Now, me and thee do not like this Pope but no matter what he does, his behavior gives us no excuse to leave the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Jesus who has always been, still is, and will always be, the head of His Church.

      Neither me nor thee can control the behavior of others but we can control our own behavior and to flee when the going gets tough is neither masculine nor courageous.

    2. I get it, the Church will never leave the earth. So 'Frank at the bank' objectively is leading souls to hell. How is that possible? If Dad is drunk driving the family car, Mom and the kids need to find other tramsport to get home. That conclusion is not that 'they left the family' is it? I do like to rest my head upon the rock that is the church and that starts at validity. So if i go to confession to confess my sede opinion (still unanswered on that point) and the priest tells me not to worry and rather than absolution gives me a pat on the buttocks, did i leave the church, or did the church leave me? At this point in history where 50 + million babies have been offered on the 'alter of choice' and not ONE churchman has been inconvenienced by it it seems logical the Church as known through history is currently being "aped" in Rome and elsewhere. Its mystery not magic and its reality not fiction. Who am i to judge indeed. Re: fortitude, i'll do my own equipment check, thank you. Further - do you contend that your ancient document was meant to address the current situaton? Because it seems a foolhardy argument to claim that poor Dad is not drunk behind the wheel afterall.

    3. I have a fact based objection. The church is often 'sedevant' when ever a pope dies in office. JPI & II's deaths are recent examples. A paradigm is defined by the strength by which it is resisted by the consensus. A 'former' (sic) 33rd degree free mason has written a 700 page book recently to prove sedevantism wrong! I am inclined to believe 'he protesteth too much' on the issue. Church tradition is something to hold dear, but new tools of satan do appear. Shall we be as wise as serpents or rest on the laurels of our forefathers? It takes a strong stomach to face up to a sodomite cocaine driven (demonic) orgy IN THE VATICAN, and all it implies about Francis. I would suggest we are in the midst of a post-modern church unlike any before. Truth (Jesus) has been rejected and Man with some catholic trappings has been substituted the paradigm shifted from 'how God sees me' to 'how i see God'(and i will see him as i like) -and all this chicken little whining about those 'dangerous' sedevacantists is a reflection of a faith built on sand (a quasi-catholic 'man') rather than the ROCK. Horoneous? Really? Who the heck is he? I'm in the back row and i can smell bullshit really strongly at this point i think its about time to dump over few tables.- St. Pius V intercede for the few men left.

  3. Dear Mr. Miller ABS did read the personal opinion of the Novus Ordo Witch who has, obviously, successfully cast a spell over you.

    The Novus Ordo Witch avers that Pope Honorius was not a heretic yet the quotes from the acts of an infallible council prove precisely that The Witch is either ignorant or a liar; well, ok, perhaps both :)

  4. You're making a very public ass of yourself, which is pleasant enough if you only speak to kind. Anyone who takes your slapdash approach to what amounts to nothing diserves to bray with you. You don't have what you think you do.

  5. Dear TM If you do have a fact-based objection, please post it as it is prolly the case that you reject the acts, judgements, and teaching of the infallible Ecumenical Council ABS generously quoted from.

    For many sedes, the charge of slapdash is as empty of meaning as is their private judgement of Popes and Councils they reject.

    Of course, such behavior is par for the course on the back nine at the Sedesville Links.

  6. Re:private judgement. How exactly does one practice the cardinal virtue of justice without using private judgement? "Who am I to judge?" Is the song of the virtueless. I for one will not sing along. Using inductive reasoning here - if the governing body ( the cardinals) were so corupted by freemasons in the ranks that they were able to put a jesuit marxist on the throne of Peter, then what exactly would it look like? This man francis has widely distributed a photograph of himself with two women. One of which has voluntarily had her genitals surgically altered in such a way as to simulate a penis. This man francis calls them husband and wife. - and the sedevantist opinion is outlandish?
    ABS - thanks for your blog. I will standby in the back row.

  7. Dear S. The acts of an infallible Council remain. Honorius was a heretic and the judgement that he was a heretic was confirmed by the Pope.

    If you are going to reject that, you are rejecting the authority of that Council and you are rejecting the authority of the Church Jesus established, thus you can have no complaint about any man who rejects whatever he does not accept from any other infallible council.

    Yours is the praxis of private judgment protestantism.

    1. Modernism = style = substance. Pius X saw this new paradigm coming and wrote about it. We are in the midst of the muddled thinking that is its method.
      So, at what point were laymen in a state of grace required to know of councils, and the likes of heroneous et al? What am i rejecting again? Since V2 the church does not believe in heresy or heretics, didn't you get the memo? I dont care if Francis is a heretic or not I am objectively looking at the evidence at hand and trying to make a prudent judgement as is my God given responsibility. Oh, while i got ya, the fruit of Vatican two is dung.

    2. Dear S. ABS wrote this to pour water on the Witch of Novus Ordo who repeatedly claims that Honorius was not a heretic.

      He was and an infallible Ecumenical Council taught that he was. One takeaway from that truth is that even a heretic remained the Pope.

      ABS intended to pour water on the Witch and make him melt so good men would not succumb to the spells cast by the Witch.

      The fruits argument is a bit tricky and so ABS will post something tomorrow to consider.

      Dear S. ABS hopes you maintain the Bonds of Unity because that is the sine qua non of Catholicism.

      Sedesville is the penultimate stop before Perdition and once a man has boarded the peaceless train and has his ticket punched, it is very hard to get off that train.

  8. Dear S, Fleeing the battlefield is neither masculine or courageous although it is reminiscent of the draft dodgers who went to Canada and dressed in army fatigues and denounced America from the safety of a foreign country.

    Similarly, many men break one or more of the Bonds of Unity (Worship, Doctrine, and Authority) and think nothing of that perfidy because "Did you hear what what's his face did?"

    If you still profess the Creed and believe what you profess, you must maintain the Bonds of Unity because that is the sine qua non of Catholicism and it always has been that way - unless you have a novel definition of Unity.

    Nobody is saying this is easy (Well, ABS is actually, because he has the peace of Christ) but consider Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and do what Jesus didi.

    Jesus did not refuse to drink the cup and so you too must drink the bitter cup of this epic execrable ecclesiastical epoch if you wish to attain unto Salvation and Sanctity.

    Pope Francis has not altered, one jot or tittle, of ABS' understanding of the Faith once delivered nor has he ordered me to do any sinful act.

    ABS can not control Pope Francis, but he can pray his Faith will be quickened and revified and he did that today at Daily Mass.

    Of what use to The Master would a man like ABS be if he run oft from the battlefield?

  9. Who is fleeing? I have not walked away from my Church. I am not simply bitching. I am pointing out the reality of the situation at hand which is quite difficult in a world dominated by modernist thought. I am not united to a man who has elevated a woman to manhood because she had her labia sewn into the shape of a penis. No way. Its a mochery of God and natural law and its from the devil. I am going nowhere, see you at Mass. I will be in the back row.

    1. Dear S. You write you have not walked away and you also write that you are not in union with the Pope.

      How can both claims be reconciled?

      ABS is in union with his Bishop and Pope but that certainly does not mean ABS is constrained to agree with all of the personal proclivities, passions, and prejudices of each prelate.

    2. How? The seat is currently vacant. Pretty simple. When Mom and the kids looked for a different ride home because Dad was drunk behind the wheel they did not leave the family, indeed their move preserved the family from destruction in a car wreck! Would it have been more courageous for the family to stick with drunk Dad driving? Francis is an imposter with motives to destroy The Faith. (If you choose to believe such things) this was predicted numerous times by Saints and apparitions. The Pope is in a teaching and leadership position we are not at this point duscusing his choice of papal footwear. We at the point of hard corp and planned destruction of church magisterial, scriptural and traditional teaching. I'd suggest you pull up on the internet the photo of Francis with the the mustached and dapper fake penis lady and her wife and take a good look at francis as he prepares his papal marriage blessing. These events do not occur by mistake.
      Come on ABS join the team, come on in for the big win. Lets just keep our heads down until this vatican2 craze blows over.

    3. Dear S. You claim the seat is empty, ABS claims otherwise and so our dispute must be resolved.

      And who resolves such a dispute?

      The Church and The Church accepts Pope Francis as the legitimate and true Pope.

      If you do not hear the Church, you are rejecting Jesus;

      Luke 10:16

    4. It is not dogmatic that a disagreement needs to be resolved. The Church as we know it today certainly is not going to ask the question. Believe me i am hearing the church loud and clear. All of it, 2000 years and 250+ popes.

    5. Dear S. But you are wrong in that the Church has accepted Pope Francis as a legitimate and true Pope.

      Repent while you still have time.

  10. Icing on the cake of the said photograph. The devil likes to hide in plain view. Icons, images and sacrementals are important to the faith, many are accepted as true church tradition. So compare and contrast the matrimonial image francis has offered in all its demonic glory with the image of St. Francis's nativity. Who plays the role of St. Joseph in bergoglio's masterpiece? How about the bride or the BVM? Look at the photo, do you see the joy of family? How about the mystery of how Our Savior travels through time via family and the miracle of spousal communion. What is feeling in your gut ABS? There is only one truth. You pick:Bergolio's presentation of family or the nativity scene of St. Francis's.

    1. Dear S. Even if Pope Francis was an arm of the devil, he would still have authority over me and thee.

    2. That is a metaphysical impossibilty. It is muddled modernist thinking. He would use his authority to lead us to Hell? I believe that would -wait for it - indicate he would be a false Pope!
      "As we decend to the fiery pit we.shall enjoy the consolation that indeed the Pope was the real Pope!" A reductio ad absurdum if there ever was one.

    3. Dear S. ABS intentionally set you up and you walked right into a straight right and this should give you cause to reassess your certitude about sedevacantism.

      If a pope is foreknown as damned and is evil, and is therefore a limb of the devil, he does not have authority over the faithful given to him by anyone, except perhaps by the emperor was a proposition of Wyclif which was condemned at the Council of Constance

  11. I can take that punch with ease. Im a catholic we dont enjoy certitude, we hope for salvation in this vally of tears. Using the drunk driving dad model. Does it really matter if he is drunk, slipping into a diabetic coma or a mad man bent on killing his family? (A heretic, apostate, moron etc) If the pope is leading souls to hell as virtually ALL rational and at least marginally orthodox people seem to grasp then the only option left is the imposter one. Using documents from the 2nd and 3rd century to dispprove this opinion seems a parody in the face of - dare i say - offering a blessing to a woman with a fake penis and calling her Mister. Mr. 'Who am i to judge' just essentially sponsored a queer cocaine driven orgy. This the Vicar of Christ! It is not about his soul it is the souls he is charged to lead that are being lead to hell that points to an imposter.

    Is the sede opinion sin or is it not.

    1. Moving on.... gotcha who? Wycoffs proposition is not mine. Its an absurditty. I dont contend Francis is anything other than a fallen man like us all. I and other reasonable folks are of the opinion that he is so far off the Catholic mark that he is leading souls to Hell. (Which he incidently does not believe in) honestly the manic desparate finger pointing and gotchaa! Kind of confirms the paradigm scenario actually. I'm still in the back row and i no longer grind my teeth i get the big picture here and i consider it a great blessing. If dad is driving drunk "shut up and get in the car" does not address the problem. "I love you Dad,see you at home, hopefully " does.

    2. Dear S. The "gotcha" word was meant to indicate ABS understands your thoughts about Pope Francis.

      It was not directed at you falling for my set-up sucker punch and ABS takes the blame for not communicating better.