Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rehabilitate Luther? ABS says, No, No, No.... (1)

ABS is beginning to wonder if he is the one the Hierarchy desires to send to rehab so ABS will not continue to consider Luther in the light of the truth but that he can be convinced that he ought to accept that Luther was not only the cat's pajamas but also the cat's meow but ABS ain't ingesting that catnip or else he'd end-up rolling around in an ecumenical bliss, obviously gooned on the juice of indifferentism.

ABS used to subscribe to "30 Days" but it has gone toes-up and despite repeated failed attempts to contact it, ABS has decided just to post these photocopies of their excellent Luther Series.

ABS does not consider that Luther was even a nominal Christian but the Hierarchy is keen on depicting him as a dynamic dude:

Was Luther right to express his ecstatic experience of the divine love in just this distinctive way? And was, say, the Council of Trent right in offering a sharp theological corrective to Luther’s manner of formulating the relationship between faith and works and between the Bible and reason? I realize that it might annoy both my Catholic and Protestant friends even to pose the issue this way, but would answering “yes” to both those question perhaps show a way forward in the ecumenical conversation?

ABS ain't having none of it...

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