Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ultramontanist source useful for repudiating all claims of rupture

The famous Doctor of Modernist Progressivism, Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity
College in Rome, who holds the Pierre Teihard de Chardin Chair of Chimeras and Fantasy, has emailed ABS and assured him that what you write about the putative changes in the Mass, while interesting, informative, and instructive, what you write is, nevertheless, an example of continuity in that both the present praxis and the past praxis of ecclesiastical tradition have to do with prayer; so don't sweat it.

If the subject under discussion is other than prayer, simply substitute that subject for prayer.

If any Cleric, Prelate, or Pope pertinaciously promotes this propaganda, he can be assured of many more years of luxurious living in Italy, going to ecumenical events, attending lavish luncheons, or simply living quietly in a beautiful house away from the maddening crowds.

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