Early Voting

ABS lives in Wellington, Florida where we Wellingtonians pride our own selves on being not only up to date but well advanced past the actual date.

We Wellingtonians are forward looking - as can be seen by our concerned furrowed brows * - and prolly more enlightened and compassionate then the rest of you who do not live in horse country or have an Aero Club subdivision as part of your town.

And so it was yesterday that ABS participated in early voting ** in the 2018 POTUS Election when he did not cast his vote for an official candidate - because voting is a joke - but wrote in the name of a good Christian he loves and trusts.

* As he was sitting for a bust, our town father, Wallace "Wally Walleye" Wellington, caught a glimpse of a young woman on a horse, riding upon it entirely nekkid in our town's annual Coventry Day Festivities.

Mimicking Lady Godiva, the lubricious lady was poised side-saddle on the great beast and as one-half of the men lining each side of the street cheered, Hurray for our side," Ol' "Wally Walleye" shot his wife the crook eye and run oft after the lithe lady and he never returned to Wellington.

**    ABS voted for his Mum because like most women born in Vermont, she has reached that age (early 90s) where she sorta looks like Maurice Chevalier.