Friday, September 29, 2017

The Messias-Denying Tribe swarms to attack Catholic nominee

Some Worry About Judicial Nominee’s Ties to a Religious Group

SEPT. 28, 2017
One of President Trump’s judicial nominees became something of a hero to religious conservatives after she was grilled at a Senate hearing this month over whether her Roman Catholic faith would influence her decisions on the bench.
The nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, a law professor up for an appeals court seat, had raised the issue herself in articles and speeches over the years. The Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee zeroed in on her writings, and in the process prompted accusations that they were engaged in religious bigotry.
“The dogma lives loudly within you,” declared Senator Dianne Feinstein*, Democrat of California, in what has become an infamous phrase. Senator Orrin Hatch, Republican of Utah, accused his colleagues of employing an unconstitutional “religious test” for office.

Who is Laurie Goodstein?

Laurie Goodstein 

Laurie Goodstein PhotoLaurie Goodstein is the national religion correspondent for The New York Times. After earning a B.A. from University of California Berkeley and an M.A. from the Columbia School of Journalism, she began her journalism career in 1989 at The Washington Post. She started as news assistant before becoming a metro reporter and then national reporter. While at the Post in both 1995 and 1996, she won two major awards for religion newswriting, The Templeton Religion Reporter of the Year and the Supple Religion Writing Award. She joined The New York Times in 1997. Her work for the Times has covered a wide range of topics and religious traditions, offering a nuanced rather than monolithic view of American Catholics, evangelicals, and Muslims, among others. In 2004, she won the American Academy of Religion’s award for best in-depth news reporting on religion, an award she won again in 2009. In 2015, she also won the Religion Newswriters Association’s award for excellence in religion reporting. Her recent work has covered American evangelicals’ support for Donald Trump, the possibility of female deacons in the Catholic Church, and Muslim opposition to ISIS. 
O, so, that's about it, huh?

Well, let's check another a source that is not Christophobic nor riven with seething hatred for the Catholic Church

For further information about this Catholic Church hating Messias-Denier, click on the link

What?  ABS, you identified two female Messias-Deniers as members of "The Tribe," isn't that anti semitic or something?


* In recognition of her public service, she has been awarded honorary degrees by the University of San Francisco, Mills College, the University of Santa Clara, and Golden Gate University, and various awards, including the American Medical Association’s award for “outstanding contributions” to the betterment of public health. In 1984, French president François Mitterrand bestowed upon her the Légion d’Honneur, one of France’s highest honors.

Other awards recognize Feinstein’s role as a Jewish woman in public office. The American Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem gave her the Scopus Award for outstanding public service in 1981. She received a distinguished public service award from the Los Angeles Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith in 1984, the brotherhood/sisterhood award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews in 1986, and a public service award from the American Jewish Congress in 1987.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Pope Francis vs Jesus and The City of God

Matthew 28:16-20Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

16 And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them.
17 And seeing him they adored: but some doubted.
18 And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth.
19 Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.

ABS thinks this is undeniably straight forward.

Jesus sends His disciples out into the world to convert the Non-Believers. 
But, is that what Pope Francis believes or does he believe that Jesus was asking His disciples to invite the world to come into the City of God even when they refuse to accept Jesus as The Way, The Truth, and The Life?

"Christ himself asks us to welcome our migrant and refugee brothers and sisters with open arms", Pope Francis took the occasion of the general audience in St. Peter's Square, to launch Caritas Internationalis’ campaign "Share the Journey” in support of families forced to migrate - because, Francis said, "the journey is shared by those who come to our land, and we, who are called to reach their hearts to understand them, understand their culture and language. The Pope recalled once again the opportunity of a new migration law "more pertinent to the current context".  

"I am pleased to welcome the representatives of Caritas, who came here to officially start the two-year campaign "Share the journey", which I wanted to coincide with this audience" Jorge Mario said. “I welcome migrants, asylum seekers and refugees who, together with the Italian Caritas and other Catholic organizations, are a sign of a Church that seeks to be open, inclusive and welcoming. Thank you all for your tireless service. You all really deserve a great round of applause! With your daily commitment, you remind us that Christ himself asks us to welcome our brothers and sisters with our arms truly open, ready for a sincere embrace, a loving and enveloping embrace, a bit like this colonnade in St. Peter's Square, which represents the Mother Church that embraces all in sharing our common journey ".

Pope Francis forgot to reference where it was Jesus told us to welcome everyone with open arms, even those whose Faith it is teaches the Mahometans (the Pope claims we and they are sharing a common journey) that all must accept Islam, be killed, or become a Dhimmi.

Quite some time ago, Saint Augustine had a bit to say about the wisdom of throwing together men who did not have a common language (say nothing about a common Faith and Culture):

City of God ,Book XIX

Chapter 7.— Of the Diversity of Languages, by Which the Intercourse of Men is Prevented; And of the Misery of Wars, Even of Those Called Just.

After the state or city comes the world, the third circle of human society,— the first being the house, and the second the city. And the world, as it is larger, so it is fuller of dangers, as the greater sea is the more dangerous. And here, in the first place, man is separated from man by the difference of languages. For if two men, each ignorant of the other's language, meet, and are not compelled to pass, but, on the contrary, to remain in company, dumb animals, though of different species, would more easily hold intercourse than they, human beings though they be. For their common nature is no help to friendliness when they are prevented by diversity of language from conveying their sentiments to one another; so that a man would more readily hold intercourse with his dog than with a foreigner....

Throwing Rome to the dogs

This old Pope, 
He seems numb;
He bangs on a progressive drum.
With a Knick-Knack paddywack,
Let the dogs take Rome.
Please Dear Pope, just go back home.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Catholic Tradition holds it is a mortal sin not to try and convert the Jews

It is cruel, inhumane, and hateful to ignore the duty to try and convert The Messias-Deniers who will end-up in Hell for eternity if they do not convert.

Unless ABS does not understand what seems to be plain and simple, Popes, Prelates, and Priests are morally constrained to try and convert the Messias-Deniers and if they do not make the attempt, they are guilty of mortal sin and their own souls are endangered.

Verses are from the Douay Rheims and the Commentary is from the incomparable Cornelius a Lapide.

Luke 19:27

Ver. 27.—But those mine enemies (the Jews, His citizens, who would not have Him to reign over them) bring them hitherto my Tribunal, in the valley of Jehosaphat and Jerusalemand kill them before Me.In the Greek, “Kill them before my face.” Our Lord alludes to those victorious kings who slew and destroyed their conquered rebels. By this destruction Christ signifies the extreme judgment of the Jews and His other enemies, and their own condemnation to eternal death in Gehenna, and that a living and vital death, where they will be perpetually tormented by death-dealing flames, and yet will never die. Our Lord alludes to Titus, who slaughtered the conquered Jews. He describes precisely to the letter the condemnation of the Jews, and the Gehenna which He has appointed for them when He shall return from heaven to judge and condemn them and the reprobate.

Matt 28; 19- Go ye, therefore, and teach all nations

 Hence, according to the tradition of the Church, it is well known that this is the form of baptism, “I baptize thee in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost;” in which we profess our faith in the Holy Trinity and in the Divine Unity, saying, in the Name, not in the Names. Hence S. Isidore (lib. 7, Etymol. c. 4) says, “It is called a Trinity, because One Whole is constituted of Three, as it were a Tri-unity, resembling memory, intelligence, and will, in which the mind has in itself a certain image of the Divine Trinity; for since They are Three, They are One.” Whence, in opposition to the Arians, Macedonians, Nestorians, and other heretics, it is clear that the Son is true God, and of one substance (όμοούσιον) with the Father and the Holy Spirit, as S. Athanasius, Augustine, Hilary, and others teach. Christ, therefore, here most clearly expresses the mystery of the Holy Trinity, which Moses obscurely shadowed forth in the Old Testament, lest the ignorant Jews should believe that the Three Persons were Three Gods, and so after their custom worship a plurality of Gods.

Morally  Learn here that it is a divine work to teach and convert all nations, even rude and barbarous ones. Whence S. Gregory (Hom. 12, in Ezek.), “There is no sacrifice so acceptable to Almighty God as a zeal for souls.” That saying also of Dionysius the Areopagite is well known, “Of all divine works, the most divine is to co-operate with God in the conversion of the wanderers, and in the bringing back of sinners to Himself.”

1st Corinth 9;16.—Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel. It appears from this that strict injunctions were given to the Apostles (S. Matt. xxviii. 19) to preach the Gospel and teach all nations, insomuch that, if they had neglected to do so, they would have sinned mortally. For on those that neglect this their duty he pronounces the woe of the wrath of God and of hell. By the same injunctions all pasters, Bishops, and Archbishops are now bound. Cf. chap. i. 17.

Monday, September 25, 2017

The thoughtful, Mr. Tunsil, irked that NFL fans consider his game entertainment

Mr. Tunsil, matriculating at the university of Mississippi (note the flag behind him)

Dope huffing hero irked that NFL fans consider what he does entertainment.

Well, Mr. Tunsil, what you do is entertainment- although the Dog Ass Jets thoroughly whipped your sorry ass on Sunday - or do you really think Mr. and Mrs. White Middle American is happy paying way too much money to watch you and your crummy teammates show disrespect for this country and its flag?

2017 NFL Pricing Preview: Your Guide to Costs & Trends for the Upcoming Season

Jul 10, 2017 4:32 PM by Julia

2017 NFL PRICING PREVIEWWith just weeks until the kickoff of NFL preseason games, Vivid Seats analyzes ticket sales data that reveals what fans are paying to cheer on their favorite teams. From the average cost per ticket of a Super Bowl Champion to the team with the cheapest seats, find out where your team falls into the mix. 
Vivid Seats 2017 NFL Pricing Preview:
NFL ticket prices for the 2017 season average $172, an increase of six percent year-over-year. The season opener between the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs is currently the most expensive 2017 matchup with a $692 average ticket price – 302 percent higher than the overall season average.  Average ticket prices by team include:
NFL Pricing Preview
1. Fans hoping to catch a New England Patriots or Atlanta Falcons game will pay a premium this year, with average ticket prices of $380 (31 percent higher than 2016) and $259 (135 percent higher than 2016), respectively.
2. Proving that winning pays, two-thirds (66 percent) of the teams that made it to the 2016 playoffs saw an increase in average ticket prices year-over-year.
3. Winning records equal higher prices. Of the 10 teams with the most expensive ticket prices, eight had winning records in the 2016 regular season. 

Keep it up, Mr. Tunsil, and fans will increasingly tune-out men like you.  The NFL is a game and it is entertainment. Period.

It is not war, it is not an ennobling exercise, it is not anything other than what it obviously is - entertainment.

What white man in his right mind will spend hundreds of dollars just for the opportunity to see you and you ilk show disrespect for what he and his family consider a pretty good country.

But, what will you do, Mr. Tunsil, if fans quit you and your crummy game; who will hire you and what task will they hire you for?

As for the entertainment industry, it will think your protest has both great value and meaning because extreme leftism is where the entertainment business is ideologically and so the politicisation of football is for them good news...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday escape from Lil' Licit Liturgy and Altar Girls

Peace, good will to men

The altar girls, no changing words in the Divine and Holy Liturgy to please feminists.

It is such a wonderful spiritual experience to escape from the politics and polemics of the Latin Rite....

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Conservative Catholicism is merely the shadow that follows Protestantism as it moves forward towards perdition

Thus on October 31, 2016—the beginning of the anniversary year—Pope Francis participated in an ecumenical prayer service in Sweden with representatives of the Lutheran World Federation.

On that occasion, he said: “As Catholics and Lutherans, we have undertaken a common journey of reconciliation. Now, in the context of the commemoration of the Reformation of 1517, we have a new opportunity to accept a common path, one that has taken shape over the past fifty years in the ecumenical dialogue between the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church.

“Nor can we be resigned to the division and distance that our separation has created between us. We have the opportunity to mend a critical moment of our history by moving beyond the controversies and disagreements that have often prevented us from understanding one another.”

ABS can not understand how such practical Indifferentism can be reconciled with The Great Commission.

Jesus Christ also had multiple natural commonalities between Him and the Messias-Deniers - the Jews who did not accept Him as their Saviour - but He was concerned with their Salvation and did not waste time making speeches about what they had in common.

What separated Him from those who did not accept Him was of crucial importance - it had eternal consequences for their immortal souls:

Luke 19:27  But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither, and kill them before me.

Read the Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide on this verse which is so shocking to the modernist revolutionaries who are in control of the Shadow Church; O, and you will never hear this in the Lil' Licit Liturgy:

Ver. 27.—But those mine enemies (the Jews, His citizens, who would not have Him to reign over them) bring them hither—to my Tribunal, in the valley of Jehosaphat and Jerusalem—and kill them before Me.” In the Greek, “Kill them before my face.” Our Lord alludes to those victorious kings who slew and destroyed their conquered rebels. By this destruction Christ signifies the extreme judgment of the Jews and His other enemies, and their own condemnation to eternal death in Gehenna, and that a living and vital death, where they will be perpetually tormented by death-dealing flames, and yet will never die. Our Lord alludes to Titus, who slaughtered the conquered Jews. He describes precisely to the letter the condemnation of the Jews, and the Gehenna which He has appointed for them when He shall return from heaven to judge and condemn them and the reprobate.

It can not be denied that recent Popes have embraced a praxis which communicates to non-Catholics that they do not think a Non-Catholic is in danger of losing his immortal soul and so they speak about what we have in common with those who deny significant parts of the Faith once delivered.

Look, ABS has the same percentage of water in his lungs as does a pear but it would be insane to advise ABS that it would really make no difference if two pears are transplanted into his chest to replace his two diseased lungs rather than actual lungs because the percentage of water in lungs and pears is essentially equal. 

Now, it takes a stark example of stupidity of something similar to Indifferentism to make one take notice today because we Catholics have become so inured to the spiritual danger of Ecumenism - The Universal Solvent of Tradition.

Quoted below is an excellent example of the dangers of political conservatism penned by a 19th Century Calvinist Cassandra, but ABS thinks it is fit also for those who are Conservative Catholics.

Read it and substitute Conservative Catholic for the conservatism being refereed to...

“It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights, will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it he salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious, for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always—when about to enter a protest—very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent rôle of resistance. The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when women’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit it into its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun in MaIne (1)

"Sanctuary" Holy Cross Church South Portland, Maine.

He dived for our sins

Volunteers build beautiful stone steps on the mountain trails of Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Maine

Hiking the Beehive on MDI

God greets us with His providential painting in the sky, seen from the porch of our camp, Popple Point.

   Maine is now fully awake in these early hours  

 And ABS is making eggs dance in the cast iron pan

Thursday, September 21, 2017

The heretic, Pope Pius X, was a fake Pope according to sedevacantist "logic"

ABS is sorry to have to break this news to Tradistan (tm Rad Trad) but it has recently come to his attention that Pope Saint Pius X must be considered a fake Pope because he changed what sedes claim could not be changed.

Of course, what Pope Saint Pius X changed was every bit as irreformable, per the sedes, as Quo Primum - and it even had the exact same wording in the final paragraph warning the promulgation of Quod a vobis was a decision to remain "forever..."

Quod a vobis (Breviary) had the exact same wording as in its crucial part as did Quo Primum -  not surprising as both were promulgated by Pope Saint Pius V,  who was just employing the then papal rhetorical boilerplate - but Pope Saint Pius X DID change Qoud a vobis, so he is a heretic and, thus, was never a legitimate Pope, or something...

Pages 53-59

Poor Pope Saint Pius X, he seemed like such a nice Saintly Pope, still sedes rule...

ABS could have presented this in a more pacific way but what fun is that?

He assumes sedes know he loves them and desires they return to the fulness of faith and catholic form but he also understands the time of trial they are undergoing and the sort of obstacles placed in their path towards reconciliation and it is fun to have those obstacles blowed-up.

So, why does he have to be so provocative about them?

Essentially, it is because ABS is, at heart, a jerk.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ABS' worship of God was stolen from him

ABS is the same age as Israel and he was born into a large Irish Algonquin Catholic family in Vermont and in the subversive and radicalised 1960s his form of worship was stolen from him by Pope Blessed Paul VI and replaced with a substantially inferior product that does not present to Our Triune God the good, true, and beautiful form of worship He is entitled to.

Now, it is routine for men to read complaints from a man that he is not able to worship God the way his Father and Grandfather did and while that is the case for ABS, it is even worse in that ABS is not able to worship God the way he was able to worship when he was an adolescent because that form of worship was destroyed and replaced with an inferior form of worship by 1960s revolutionaries.

ABS went from assisting at a Real Mass to assisting at The Lil' Licit Liturgy but providence has provided a way.

St. Nicholas is a beautiful little church with icons more nearly resembling videos, virtually vibrating with color and life so beautiful are they and the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom is not only good, true, and beautiful, it is venerable and appeals to all of the senses of man.

The Hymns in Arabic meant that ABS was able to enter more deep into the mystery of the music as its tone and tempo carried as much (maybe more?)  meaning as they might have had ABS known the definitions of the sung words.

While ABS might not have known the meaning of the specific words, he entirely understood the message of hope the hymn was about -The spiritual tranquillity of the Heavenly order.

Yes, Lord Jesus, it was YOU who offered yourself up for us, you were not a defenseless victim as is commonly misunderstood about you...

 One certainly does not get the same truth in either the Lil' Licit Liturgy or the Real Mass of the Latin Rite...

ABS also loves the praise delivered unto God in the beautiful prayers, the many blessings received from the Priest, the beautiful hymns, the two processions during the Divine Liturgy, and on this Sunday, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, ABS was privileged to receive from the Priest a blessing on his heart by a Gold Cross containing a relic of the True Cross.