Thursday, November 9, 2017

Yosemite Shea on the war path (again)

So yeah, I cut the penitent atheist a lot more slack than I do the smug Christian apologist for the gun culture, particularly if that apologist adds refusal to forgive the penitent to his culture war campaign.  And above all, I cut no slack the pol who uses phony piety as a cover for his commitment to maintaining the rate of 35,000 gun slaughters a year as human sacrifices to the arms lobby that he serves.

Yosemite Shea is forever shooting his mouth off as he leads the Patheos Posse into some Box Canyon where they circle ceaselessly bellowing buffoonery and castigating defenders of the Constitution and the Civil Rights of free men as execrable enemies.

Shea has absolutely no clue as to the third leading cause of deaths in America - after Heart Disease and Cancer- the cause is Doctors/Hospitals.

Because Mr. Shea refuses to denounce death by Doctor/Hospital, we must conclude he is in the pocket of The AMA and is willfully silent owing to his sickening boot-licking (ABS thinks he has the Shea logic correct) of Dodgy Doctors and Heartless Hospitals.

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