Thursday, April 20, 2017

Regicide and Deicide


  Regicide is always revolution reified;
  Deicide was Satan by Jews glorified

It is possible for a country (France*) to suffer a revolution and commit Regicide and yet still be able to recover much of its tradition at some point in its future but a country (Israel) which commits Deicide has committed national suicide and can never recover even the tiniest portion of its tradition; it's only hope is to corporately confess its sins and convert to Catholicism (the new Israel).

While France will restore its glory by restoring its Catholic Monarchy, Israel will perpetually serve only Satan since it has committed Deicide; no matter what it does, it is a forever dead nation; sure, ghosts of its past will haunt humanity in the Middle East and in these last days its political establishment was a necessary precondition before the first signs the Eschatological Events we are promised begin to be experienced while also  signaling, to those who have eyes that can see, that the Advent of the Anti Christ is nigh, but Faux Israel can offer the Jews only delusion, destruction, and death. 

* Trial, Tribulation, & Triumph Before, During and After Antichrist, Desmond A. Birch

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