Saturday, April 14, 2018

Monument to Heresy

Catholics have Churches. Protestants have buildings.

Sir Christopher Wren was a protestant and, thus, his huge structure is absolutely empty of true Spirituality and, literally, the Presence of Jesus Christ.

Catholic Architecture is supposed to embody the VIP aspects of architecture -  Verticality, Iconography, Permanence but there is no iconography, no statues of Saints, inside this protestant temple.

O, to be sure, from the outside it has a certain appeal but so does the Taj Mahal.

Wren's St. Paul's is a massive monument to heresy and like the protestant heresy it is permanent, puissant, perverted, and, at times, even picturesque.

But, make no mistake. It is entirely empty of truth inside. The reconstruction of it began in 1666 A.D.(coincidence?and it weighs, accord to the estimate of ABS, a shit ton.

 Sir Christopher Wren was attempting another restoration in 1666 when the cathedral was destroyed in the Great fire of London.

ABS, this post seems a bit churlish. Why go out of your way to characterise London's St. Paul this way?

Because it is the truth and truth matters.

O, and years ago, ABS and The Bride were inside this structure - it is definitely NOT a Church - and the palpable sense of haughty fraud weighed upon the soul of ABS.

That is how St. Paul's architecture assaulted ABS and so ABS is hammering back at St. Paul's.

O, OK...

The plain and simple truth is, for the loonies in London, St Paul's is a massive modernist mall  in which one tries on the latest fashions of Faith

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