Moses. The first Inquisitor

Mel Brooks is a very popular Messias-Denier who knows how to make people laugh but, as a typical Hollywood deviant, he is a first class liar and his whole routine about the Spanish Inquisition is based on a lie - that is was an attempt by The Catholic Church to force conversions of the Jews.


Yes, that is the sort of thinking Hollywood engages in but that is only to be expected because Hollywood is an invention of The Messias-Deniers who always ask their own selves - Is it good for the Jews?

Moses, the 1st Inquisitor killed 23 thousand one day (Exodus 32)

Moses, the 1st Inquisitor, Killed 24 thousand one day (Numbers 25) including all of the women and children

Forty Seven Thousand killed by The First Inquisitor, Moses, in two days.

Moses bumped off more men, women, and children in two days than The Spanish Inquisition did in over 200 years.

A comparison to Fray Torquemada is one that ABS would not scoff at; he was a great man, a virtual Ghandi (Everyman's favorite holy man) compared to Moses

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