Monday, January 2, 2017

Diversity is strength for the stranger

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

For nearly a half century, the Catholic Church in the United States has celebrated National Migration Week, which is an opportunity for the Church to reflect on the circumstances confronting migrants, including immigrants, refugees, children, and victims and survivors of human trafficking. The theme for National Migration Week 2017 draws attention to Pope Francis' call to create a culture of encounter, and in doing so to look beyond our own needs and wants to those of others around us. In the homily given at his first Pentecost as pope, he emphasized the importance of encounter in the Christian faith: "For me this word is very important. Encounter with others. Why? Because faith is an encounter with Jesus, and we must do what Jesus does: encounter others."

Mahometan Jihad begins with the Hijra, a migration of Mahometans into alien, once Christian, Countries and when the disciples of the psychotic pedophilic false prophet assemble in numbers sufficient, they being to rape the formerly Christian girls while their formerly Christian males stand silently and idly by and do not retaliate against the Mahometans.

They also begin to terrorise the host country and to demand more and more concessions to sharia law from the kaffir and they continue to increase their numbers via the Hijra until such time as they constitute such a huge mass of malevolent Mahometan Maniacs that the Kaffir State begins to quit its historic public celebrations of Christianity and refuses to defend itself against the Mahometan onslaught until such time that the once Christian State becomes, effectively, if not De  Jure, a Dhimmi State - a country inferior and subordinate to the Mahometan Caliphate.

In matters political Islam is a system of despotism at home and aggression abroad. The Prophet commanded absolute submission to the imâm. In no case was the sword to be raised against him. The rights of non-Moslem subjects are of the vaguest and most limited kind, and a priority war is a sacred duty whenever there is a chance of success against the "Infidel". Medieval and modern Mohammedan, especially Turkish, persecutions of both Jews and Christians are perhaps the best illustration of this fanatical priority and political spirit.

What will happen in America is what has already happened in Norway and our Bishops will assist with the slaughter. 

Why is this happening? 

Prolly because God is using the Mahometans to punish us for our Indifferentism and lack of love for Jesus Christ and our abandonment of the Great Commission.

Read about what has been happening in Norway to its men...

“A few weeks ago,” he says, “I was entering the schoolyard. They were attacking Lars. There’s a whole heap of them. They always attack as a group. They are dogs, they hunt in packs. They are beating him up. I run in between them and I punch one of them. Then someone comes rushing to and separates us, and yet again I’m being hauled off to the principal’s office, and yet again I am being told that even if they punch us we are not supposed to retaliate. Do you know how insanely provocative such a statement is?”

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