Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Official Car of The Anthropocentric Global Warming Crowd.

The real reason we at ABE * Ministry posted the charts is so the photo below would not have any of the Blog Archive list writing appearing inside it. 

Yeah, this is a real photo taken at a gas station in Wellington, Fl and, no, Amateur Brain Surgeon has no idea what convictions about soteriology this man is possessed of and he was not about to ask.

And as the seas rise and threaten to drown poor Amateur Brain Surgeon in Florida, he makes plans to move to higher ground - Piemonte, Italy

Yeah, that last name also makes ABS wonder and he speculates that back in The Middle Ages, back when Bra was still a walled city with an enticing metal gate, back in the days of ribald Roman romance, more than one young male was caught after sundown trying to pick the lock to Bra to discover what was inside of it. 

This song mentions mountains and valleys and so we wee men at ABE Ministry have qualified it as a song about the environment.


If you are a man and you danced like a majority of  the men in this video, you should go to Confession; immediately.

* Against Basically Everything

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