Monday, July 24, 2017

Congress to Christians. Speak in opposition to Israel and you go to jail


Who the hell do you think you are citizens, an American Christian with the right of Free Speech?

AIPAC,  GO TO HELL but only after you Kiss ABS'  Irish-Algonquin Christian Catholic ass.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

"A Sonnet upon a Sonnet," interpreted by Fingall Fyffe from Fyvie, Scotland

Fingall Fyffe from Fyvie, Scotland presents his interpretation of a Robert Burns classic, A Sonnet upon a Sonnet:

Fourteen, a sonneteer thy praises sings;
What magic myst'ries in that number lie!
Your hen hath fourteen eggs beneath her wings
That fourteen chickens to the roost may fly.
Fourteen full pounds the jockey's stone must be;
His age fourteen - a horse's prime is past.
Fourteen long hours too oft the Bard must fast:
Fourteen bright bumpers - bliss he ne'er must see!
Before fourteen, a dozen yields the strife;
Before fourteen - e'en thirteen's strength is vain.
Fourteen good years - a woman gives us life:
Fourteen good men - we lose that life again.
What lucubrations can be more upon it?
Fourteen good measured verses make a sonnet.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Pouring the laver of truth on the Novus Ordo Witch

Many Sedevacantists, a Latin term literally meaning - Pull up a chair and vacate your mind - routinely seek after advice, spiritual counseling, and accurate Doctrinal information from this most curious of sources, The Novus Ordo Watch.

ABE Ministry think the Novus Ordo Witch has cast a spell on these poor deluded men (most sedes are men) and The Novus Ordo Witch must be confronted and proven wrong on a point it can be relied upon to get wrong time after time Per Omnia secular saeculorum.

Now, one would think the Novus Ordo Witch could, occasionally, take a break from throwing brick and bats, and even brickbats, into its cauldron and actually read the Third Council of Constantinople but that appears not to have happened and so we at ABE Ministry have taken a few minutes to round-up a few tasty quotes from The Third Council...

The third council of constantinople - 680-681 ad

This pious and orthodox creed of the divine favour was enough for a complete knowledge of the orthodox faith and a complete assurance therein. But since from the first, the contriver of evil did not rest, finding an accomplice in the serpent and through him bringing upon human nature the poisoned dart of death, so too now he has found instruments suited to his own purpose--namely Theodore, who was bishop of Pharan, Sergius, Pyrrhus, Paul and Peter, who were bishops of this imperial city, and further Honorius, who was pope of elder Rome, Cyrus, who held the see of Alexandria, and Macarius, who was recently bishop of Antioch, and his disciple Stephen -- and has not been idle in raising through them obstacles of error against the full body of the church sowing with novel speech among the orthodox people the heresy of a single will and a single principle of action in the two natures of the one member of the holy Trinity Christ our true God, a heresy in harmony with the evil belief, ruinous to the mind, of the impious Apollinarius, Severus and Themistius, and one intent on removing the perfection of the becoming man of the same one lord Jesus Christ our God, through a certain guileful device, leading from there to the blasphemous conclusion that his rationally animate flesh is without a will and a principle of action

"With Honorius, who did not, as became the Apostolic authority, extinguish the flame of heretical teaching in its first beginning, but fostered it by his negligence." That is, he did not insist on the "two operations", but agreed with Sergius that the whole matter should be hushed up. Pope Honorius was subsequently included in the lists of heretics anathematized by the Trullan Synod, and by the seventh and eighth ecumenical councils without special remark; also in the oath taken by every new pope from the eighth century to the eleventh in the following words: "Together with Honorius, who added fuel to their wicked assertions" (Liber diurnus, ii, 9). It is clear that no Catholic has the right to defend Pope Honorius. He was a heretic, not in intention, but in fact; and he is to be considered to have been condemned in the sense in which Origen and Theodore of Mopsuestia, who died in Catholic communion, never having resisted the Church, have been condemned.

"We anathematize the inventors of the new error, that is, Theodore, Sergius, ...and also Honorius, who did not attempt to sanctify this Apostolic Church with the teaching of Apostolic tradition, but by profane treachery permitted its purity to be polluted." 

"Those whose impious dogmas we execrate, we judge that their names also shall be cast out of the holy Church of God", that is, Sergius, Cyrus, Pyrrhus, Peter, Paul, Theodore, all which names were mentioned by the holy Pope Agatho in his letter to the pious and great emperor, "and were cast out by him, as holding views contrary to our orthodox faith; and these we define to be subject to anathema. And in addition to these we decide that Honorius also, who was pope of elder Rome, be with them cast out of the holy Church of God, and be anathematized with them, because we have found by his letter to Sergius that he followed his opinion in all things, and confirmed his wicked dogmas". These last words are true enough, and if Sergius was to be condemned Honorius could not be rescued. The legates made no objection to his condemnation. The question had indeed arisen unexpectedly out of the reading of Macarius's packet; but the legates must have had instructions from the pope how to act under the circumstances.

Third Council of Cinstantiinople

Session XVI - Extracts from the Acts

[The Acclamations of the Fathers.]

Many years to the Emperor! Many years to Constantine, our great Emperor! Many years to the Orthodox King! Many years to our Emperor that makes peace! Many years to Constantine, a second Martian! Many years to Constantine, a new Theodosius! Many years to Constantine, a new Justinian! Many years to the keeper of the orthodox faith! O Lord preserve the foundation of the Churches! O Lord preserve the keeper of the faith!

Many years to Agatho, Pope of Rome! Many years to George, Patriarch of Constantinople! Many years to Theophanus, Patriarch of Antioch! Many years to the orthodox council! Many years to the orthodox Senate!

To Theodore of Pharan, the heretic, anathema! 
To Sergius, the heretic, anathema! 
To Cyrus, the heretic, anathema! 
To Honorius, the heretic, anathema! 
To Pyrrhus, the heretic, anathema! 
To Paul the heretic, anathema! 
To Peter the heretic, anathema! 
To Macarius the heretic, anathema! 
To Stephen the heretic, anathema! 
To Polychronius the heretic, anathema! 
To Apergius of Perga the heretic, anathema! 
To all heretics, anathema! To all who side with heretics, anathema! 

May the faith of the Christians increase, and long years to the orthodox and Ecumenical Council!

And may the sedes recover use of their intellects and return home because EENS.

With regard to those truths connected to revelation by historical necessity and which are to be held definitively, but are not able to be declared as divinely revealed, the following examples can be given: the legitimacy of the election of the Supreme Pontiff ….

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fun facts for Whitey

Disney Owned ESPN has a SJW who routinely hisses about White America as he slithers on TV and the funny thing is that ESPN is destroying itself by letting America-Haters hiss and spit about a sport most America men love.

Yes, it is insane but that is liberalism.

Dan LeBatard insists the NFL owners must change and accept the antics of the former San Francisco quarterback because it is his issue or some such nonsense.

What sane NFL Owner wants that pathetic prick pissing off its fans? Let him stay in Africa working on his cause...

O, and just like Barack (blackety, blacekty, blackety, black, black, black) he is a mulatto who is endlessly fascinated and obsessed with his blackness and is frustrated we do not give the least shit about him or his cause.

It is a fecking GAME not a political rally for negritude

Tacitus: "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise.”

For more than one-half of a century, the media has hated on Whitey; he has been daily beleaguered and lambasted as a racist good for nothing Bible-reading gun-toting slavery- loving anti-semitic homophobic xenophobic P.O.S. Nazi.

Who owns the media that has been doing this to the, rapidly diminishing, majority of Americans?

The following fact-based charts will never be seen on any media controlled by the Messias-Deniers because they do not want Christian Whitey to become aware of who it is who is contributing to his ignorance and downfall. 

You will not see these charts produced on their shows and examined on any broadcast of

ABC   A Bunch Commies
CBS    Commies Bitching and Sulking
NBC    Nothing But Commies
CNN    Commie Nation Nutters

Sorry Messias-Deniers and Commie Bastids but facts are facts

Among natives, blacks receive cash handouts at more than three times the white rate; Hispanics at more than twice the white rate. Rates for black and Hispanic immigrants are relatively lower due to often-ignored restrictions on immigrant use of these programs.
Among all households, native blacks and Hispanics receive food handouts at three times the white rate; for Hispanic immigrants, the figure is four times the white rate. Among households with children, nearly all immigrant Hispanics–86 percent–get food aid. Native blacks and Hispanics aren’t far behind, with rates of 75 and 72 percent, respectively.
It’s clear, too, that non-whites benefit disproportionately from Medicaid, which helps explain why red states have opted out of Medicaid expansion.

                     White is beautiful. 

White is evil only to those who hate you. White is beautiful. Christianity is beautiful and Europe is the Faith and the Faith is Europe and Europe was a great place to live and it used to be a great place to visit because it was a great continent because on that continent, at one time, every single baby born there was Baptised as a Christian Catholic.

White is beautiful. Do not let anybody anywhere at any time tell you differently. White is beautiful.

Here is what you say when some pathetic loser starts to tell you about the sins of White America:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Diversity is our (Insurance Companies) strength.

As he was dutifully riding his bike around Wellington, Amateur Brain Surgeon came upon a recently happened accident and he took a few photos.

The best thing about the accident was that the driver of the work van was an Hispanic (i.e. an invader from the south colonising Florida) and the driver of the school bus was a grinning negro: I didn't even get hurt.

ABS did not get a chance to chat with the dashing crash causer but he did hear the Hispanic, on his cell phone, panicking in broken English, trying to explain to his boss just what'n'hell happened:
No!! Is no me fault, Hefe.

This is the happiest day ever in the life of Amateur Brain Surgeon.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ultramontanist source useful for repudiating all claims of rupture

The famous Doctor of Modernist Progressivism, Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity
College in Rome, who holds the Pierre Teihard de Chardin Chair of Chimeras and Fantasy, has emailed ABS and assured him that what you write about the putative changes in the Mass, while interesting, informative, and instructive, what you write is, nevertheless, an example of continuity in that both the present praxis and the past praxis of ecclesiastical tradition have to do with prayer; so don't sweat it.

If the subject under discussion is other than prayer, simply substitute that subject for prayer.

If any Cleric, Prelate, or Pope pertinaciously promotes this propaganda, he can be assured of many more years of luxurious living in Italy, going to ecumenical events, attending lavish luncheons, or simply living quietly in a beautiful house away from the maddening crowds.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Our Inertia Into Indifferentism Intensifies

It can not be denied that there has been an increasing number of examples of practical Indifferentism, from the Bishop of Rome, to virtually all Bishops and Priests, to the point where now if one is not a Catholic, no biggie - they will go to Heaven anyways because all people are good, it is claimed because Ecumenism.

Ecumenism is the Universal Solvent of Tradition.

Well, let's step away from this execrable ecclesiastic error and revisit some responses from the past that are far more reliable than the answers from indifferentism 

Questions And Answers on Salvation
by Rev. Michael Muller, C.SS.R.


But did not Pope Pius IX say that all men, however alienated from Catholic union they remain, are alike in the way of salvation and may obtain life everlasting?

To this calumnious report of certain newspapers, Pope Pius IX replied: "in our times, many of the enemies of the Catholic Faith direct their efforts towards placing every monstrous opinion on the same level with the doctrine of Christ, or confounding it therewith; and so they try more and more to propagate that impious system of the indifference of religions. But quite recently--we shudder to say--certain men have not hesitated to slander us by saying that we share in their folly, favor that most wicked system, and think so benevolently of every class of mankind as to suppose that not only the sons of the Church, but that the rest also, however alienated from Catholic unity they may remain, are alike in the way of salvation, and may arrive at everlasting life. We are at a loss, from horror, to find words to express our detestation of this new and atrocious injustice that is done us.

We love, indeed, all mankind with the inmost affection of our heart, yet not otherwise than in the love of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, Who came to seek and to save that which had perished, Who died for all, Who wills all men to be saved, and to come to the knowledge of the truth; Who, therefore, sent His disciples into the whole world to preach the Gospel to every creature, proclaiming that those who should believe and be baptized should be saved, but that those who should not believe should be condemned.

Let those, therefore, who wish to be saved, come to the pillar and the ground of Faith, which is the Church; let them come to the true Church of Christ, which, in her bishops and in the Roman Pontiff, the chief head of all, has the succession of apostolical authority which has never been interrupted, which has never counted anything of greater importance than to preach, and by all means to keep and defend the doctrine proclaimed by the Apostles at Christ's command." (Allocution to the Cardinals held on December 17, 1847.)

Baltimore Catechism #4

*121 Q. Are all bound to belong to the Church?
A. All are bound to belong to the Church, and he who knows the Church to be the true Church and remains out of it, cannot be saved.

Anyone who knows the Catholic religion to be the true religion and will not embrace it cannot enter into Heaven. If one not a Catholic doubts
whether the church to which he belongs is the true Church, he must settle his doubt, seek the true Church, and enter it; for if he continues to live in doubt, he becomes like the one who knows the true Church and is deterred by worldly considerations from entering it.

In like manner one who, doubting, fears to examine the religion he professes lest he should discover its falsity and be convinced of the
truth of the Catholic faith, cannot be saved.

Suppose, however, that there is a non-Catholic who firmly believes that the church to which he belongs is the true Church, and who has
never--even in the past--had the slightest doubt of that fact--what will become of him?

If he was validly baptized and never committed a mortal sin, he will be saved; because, believing himself a member of the true Church, he was
doing all he could to serve God according to his knowledge and the dictates of his conscience. But if ever he committed a mortal sin, his
salvation would be very much more difficult. A mortal sin once committed remains on the soul till it is forgiven. Now, how could his mortal sin
be forgiven? Not in the Sacrament of Penance, for the Protestant does not go to confession; and if he does, his minister--not being a true
priest--has no power to forgive sins. Does he know that without confession it requires an act of perfect contrition to blot out mortal
sin, and can he easily make such an act? What we call contrition is often only imperfect contrition--that is, sorrow for our sins because we fear their punishment in Hell or dread the loss of Heaven. If a Catholic--with all the instruction he has received about how to make an act of perfect contrition and all the practice he has had in making such acts--might find it difficult to make an act of perfect contrition after
having committed a mortal sin, how much difficulty will not a Protestant have in making an act of perfect contrition, who does not know about this requirement and who has not been taught to make continued acts of perfect contrition all his life. It is to be feared either he would not know of this necessary means of regaining God's friendship, or he would
be unable to elicit the necessary act of perfect contrition, and thus the mortal sin would remain upon his soul and he would die an enemy of

If, then, we found a Protestant who never committed a mortal sin after Baptism, and who never had the slightest doubt about the truth of his religion, that person would be saved; because, being baptized, he is a
member of the Church, and being free from mortal sin he is a friend of God and could not in justice be condemned to Hell. Such a person would attend Mass and receive the Sacraments if he knew the Catholic Church to be the only true Church.

I am giving you an example, however, that is rarely found, except in the case of infants or very small children baptized in Protestant sects. All infants rightly baptized by anyone are really children of the Church, no matter what religion their parents may profess. Indeed, all persons who are baptized are children of the Church; but those among them who deny its teaching, reject its Sacraments, and refuse to submit to its lawful
pastors, are rebellious children known as heretics.

I said I gave you an example that can scarcely be found, namely, of a person not a Catholic, who really never doubted the truth of his
religion, and who, moreover, never committed during his whole life a mortal sin. There are so few such persons that we can practically say for all those who are not visibly members of the Catholic Church, believing its doctrines, receiving its Sacraments, and being governed by its visible head, our Holy Father, the Pope, salvation is an extremely
difficult matter.

I do not speak here of pagans who have never heard of Our Lord or His holy religion, but of those outside the Church who claim to be good
Christians without being members of the Catholic Church.

 Modernism, Liberalism, and Ecumenism has performed its own faux transubstantiation in that The Bread of Life has been changed by them into the pop group, Bread.

Thus, we now have the Bread of Life, Jesus Christ, indifferent to His own One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church and indifferent to His means of Salvation and Sanctification, the Sacramental System He established.

And still Invisibilium within The Hierarchy is that Prelate whose puissant possession of Tradition is such that it could be applied as a force against our Inertia Into Indifferentism

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ultramontanism. Ten things to know and share

1.  THE
2.  POPE
3.  HAS 
5.  DONE
8.   IN
9.   HIS
10. LIFE

Dear Mary, Queen of Heaven; Queen of Peace on Earth; Mary my Mother, hearken unto me;

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Resolved; The Lil' Licit Liturgy is rupture not continuity

Arguing in favor of the proposition is the famous French Traditionalist, D'Artagnan "Foie gras" DuBois.

Arguing in opposition is the famous Doctor of Modernist Progressivism, Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome  who holds the Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Chair of Chimeras and Fantasy.

[D'Artagnan is recognised amidst plenty of cat calls, boos, and hisses]: I should like to begin by observing that any fool can see that the Lil' Licit Liturgy is as bogus as the Presiders who celebrate it and, furthermore,...

[Sensing that the debate has already gotten out of hand, Professor Herman NuDix interrupts] Far be it from me to break the rules by interrupting this scruffy necked galoot but fair's fair and I am a professor not some Foie gras chomping country chump who wouldn't know the difference between real bulges and falsies, like socks stuffed in shorts down there, whereas I have had many  freshmen come to me for extra help and that is when I put on some porn, put the vino to them, and try and find out for my own self whether he has a sock stuffed down there...

[The crowd erupts with accusations - But that is exactly what you are doing; interrupting...and what in hell do faggots have to do with the Lil' Licit Liturgy?]

[D'Artagnan regains control of the floor] But that's what I am on about; is this a Real Mass for the worship of God, A Holy Sacrifice of propitiation, or is it a falsie to try and please our enemies, the protestants, while it seduces the faithful by prostituting the truth?

Everyone here can see the truth that The Lil' Licit Liturgy is not in continuity with the Real Mass and it is clearly a rupture and before this professional fool gets to make his lil' joke, I'm walking out of here right now...

[ The crowd begins to become highly agitated and remonstrates with D'Artagnan - Hey, D'Artagnan, what lil' joke are you talking about?]

[Just before exiting the stage, D'Artagnan spins back around and faces the jeering crowd - Have a little imagination will ya?  Professor Herman is slowly working his way to what thinks will be the killer line that wins the debate.

He was going to say, I just made you blanch DuBois]

Ottaviani Intervention:

Yes, Virginia, the Lil' Licit Liturgy is valid:

Friday, July 14, 2017

"World's Most Powerful Prime Minister" title awarded to huge woman from tiny country

Norway may be a tiny country but according to The United Nation's Power Rankings, Norway, the land of elves, lunatics, and suicidal drunks, has the world's strongest Prime Minister one, Erna Solberg, shown here crushing the hand of some unfortunate ambassador as she welcomes him to Norway and asks him if he is ready for din din.

ABE Ministry* can report with its usual sense of reliability and restraint that the massive broad can dead lift 350 pounds and, as the Universal Commission on Women (UCOW) notes; She doesn't sweat much for a fat girl.

ABE Ministry has long held the belief that, excepting a Christian Catholic Queen, it can not accept as legitimate any female head of a country although we were tempted to make an exception for Yulia Tymoshenko of The Ukraine because

* Against Basically Everything

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cardinal Pie vs Progressives

Long before his election, the great Pope Saint Pius X used to read, and re-read, the writings of the great French Cardinal Pie who issued this 1864 caution in a sermon:

Hear this maxim, O you, Catholics full of temerity, who so quickly adopt the ideas and the language of your time, you who speak of reconciling the faith and of reconciling the Church with the modern spirit and with the new law. And you who accept with so much confidence the most dangerous pursuits of what our age so pridefully labels "Science," see to what extent you are straying from the program set out by the great Apostle, "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding the profane novelties of words, and oppositions of knowledge falsely so-called" (I Tim. 6:20). But take heed. With such temerities, one is soon led farther than he first had thought. And in placing themselves on the slope of profane novelties—in obeying the currents of so-called science—many have lost the Faith.

Have you not often been saddened, and taken fright, my venerable brothers, on hearing the language of certain men, who believe themselves still to be sons of the Church, men who still practice occasionally as Catholics and who often approach the Lord's Table? Do you still believe them to be sons, do you still believe them to be members of the Church, those who, wrapping themselves in such vague phrases as modern aspirations and the force of progress and civilization, proclaim the existence of a "consciousness of the laity," of a secular and political conscience opposed to the "conscience of the Church," against which they assume the right to react, for its correction and renewal? Ah! So many passengers, and even pilots, who, believing themselves to be yet in the barque, and playing with profane novelties and the lying science of their time, have already sunk and are in the abyss. 

And now read this declaration from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger:

Let us content ourselves here with stating that the text [of Gaudium et spes] plays the role of a counter-Syllabus to the measure that it represents an attempt to officially reconcile the Church with the world as it had become after 1789. On one hand, this visualization alone clarifies the ghetto complex that we mentioned before. On the other hand, it permits us to understand the meaning of this new relationship between the Church and the Modern World. "World" is understood here, at depth, as the spirit of modern times. The consciousness of being a detached group that existed in the Church viewed this spirit as something separate from herself and, after the hot as well as cold wars were over, she sought dialogue and cooperation with it.

We at ABE Ministry contacted Professor Herman NuDix, Professor of Progressivism at UCon (University of Continuity) for a comment on these wildly divergent ideas of how the Church ought to relate with the world, its ancient and permanent enemy.

Prof Herman NuDix says, The average layman is out of his depths in trying to analyse the deeper meaning of these two superficially different approaches to the world but, in reality, there is an absolute and unbreakable continuity at work here.

First of all, the plain and simple truth is that each Cardinal, although speaking in different ages, addresses the situation of the Church vis a vis the world and that, my friends, is an undeniable example of continuity.

The modern Magisterium desires to chat and be friends with the world, our ancient and permanent enemy.

And what, pray tell, do these men think the world wants from us, our friendship or our death?