Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday escape from Lil' Licit Liturgy and Altar Girls

Peace, good will to men

The altar girls, no changing words in the Divine and Holy Liturgy to please feminists.

It is such a wonderful spiritual experience to escape from the politics and polemics of the Latin Rite....

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Conservative Catholicism is merely the shadow that follows Protestantism as it moves forward towards perdition

Thus on October 31, 2016—the beginning of the anniversary year—Pope Francis participated in an ecumenical prayer service in Sweden with representatives of the Lutheran World Federation.

On that occasion, he said: “As Catholics and Lutherans, we have undertaken a common journey of reconciliation. Now, in the context of the commemoration of the Reformation of 1517, we have a new opportunity to accept a common path, one that has taken shape over the past fifty years in the ecumenical dialogue between the Lutheran World Federation and the Catholic Church.

“Nor can we be resigned to the division and distance that our separation has created between us. We have the opportunity to mend a critical moment of our history by moving beyond the controversies and disagreements that have often prevented us from understanding one another.”

ABS can not understand how such practical Indifferentism can be reconciled with The Great Commission.

Jesus Christ also had multiple natural commonalities between Him and the Messias-Deniers - the Jews who did not accept Him as their Saviour - but He was concerned with their Salvation and did not waste time making speeches about what they had in common.

What separated Him from those who did not accept Him was of crucial importance - it had eternal consequences for their immortal souls:

Luke 19:27  But as for those my enemies, who would not have me reign over them, bring them hither, and kill them before me.

Read the Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide on this verse which is so shocking to the modernist revolutionaries who are in control of the Shadow Church; O, and you will never hear this in the Lil' Licit Liturgy:

Ver. 27.—But those mine enemies (the Jews, His citizens, who would not have Him to reign over them) bring them hither—to my Tribunal, in the valley of Jehosaphat and Jerusalem—and kill them before Me.” In the Greek, “Kill them before my face.” Our Lord alludes to those victorious kings who slew and destroyed their conquered rebels. By this destruction Christ signifies the extreme judgment of the Jews and His other enemies, and their own condemnation to eternal death in Gehenna, and that a living and vital death, where they will be perpetually tormented by death-dealing flames, and yet will never die. Our Lord alludes to Titus, who slaughtered the conquered Jews. He describes precisely to the letter the condemnation of the Jews, and the Gehenna which He has appointed for them when He shall return from heaven to judge and condemn them and the reprobate.

It can not be denied that recent Popes have embraced a praxis which communicates to non-Catholics that they do not think a Non-Catholic is in danger of losing his immortal soul and so they speak about what we have in common with those who deny significant parts of the Faith once delivered.

Look, ABS has the same percentage of water in his lungs as does a pear but it would be insane to advise ABS that it would really make no difference if two pears are transplanted into his chest to replace his two diseased lungs rather than actual lungs because the percentage of water in lungs and pears is essentially equal. 

Now, it takes a stark example of stupidity of something similar to Indifferentism to make one take notice today because we Catholics have become so inured to the spiritual danger of Ecumenism - The Universal Solvent of Tradition.

Quoted below is an excellent example of the dangers of political conservatism penned by a 19th Century Calvinist Cassandra, but ABS thinks it is fit also for those who are Conservative Catholics.

Read it and substitute Conservative Catholic for the conservatism being refereed to...

“It may be inferred again that the present movement for women’s rights, will certainly prevail from the history of its only opponent, Northern conservatism. This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity, and will be succeeded by some third revolution, to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt hath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it he salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious, for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom. It always—when about to enter a protest—very blandly informs the wild beast whose path it essays to stop, that its “bark is worse than its bite,” and that it only means to save its manners by enacting its decent rĂ´le of resistance. The only practical purpose which it now subserves in American politics is to give enough exercise to Radicalism to keep it “in wind,” and to prevent its becoming pursy and lazy from having nothing to whip. No doubt, after a few years, when women’s suffrage shall have become an accomplished fact, conservatism will tacitly admit it into its creed, and thenceforward plume itself upon its wise firmness in opposing with similar weapons the extreme of baby suffrage; and when that too shall have been won, it will be heard declaring that the integrity of the American Constitution requires at least the refusal of suffrage to asses. There it will assume, with great dignity, its final position.”

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun in MaIne (1)

"Sanctuary" Holy Cross Church South Portland, Maine.

He dived for our sins

Volunteers build beautiful stone steps on the mountain trails of Mount Desert Island (MDI) in Maine

Hiking the Beehive on MDI

God greets us with His providential painting in the sky, seen from the porch of our camp, Popple Point.

   Maine is now fully awake in these early hours  

 And ABS is making eggs dance in the cast iron pan


Thursday, September 21, 2017

The heretic, Pope Pius X, was a fake Pope according to sedevacantist "logic"

ABS is sorry to have to break this news to Tradistan (tm Rad Trad) but it has recently come to his attention that Pope Saint Pius X must be considered a fake Pope because he changed what sedes claim could not be changed.

Of course, what Pope Saint Pius X changed was every bit as irreformable, per the sedes, as Quo Primum - and it even had the exact same wording in the final paragraph warning the promulgation of Quod a vobis was a decision to remain "forever..."

Quod a vobis (Breviary) had the exact same wording as in its crucial part as did Quo Primum -  not surprising as both were promulgated by Pope Saint Pius V,  who was just employing the then papal rhetorical boilerplate - but Pope Saint Pius X DID change Qoud a vobis, so he is a heretic and, thus, was never a legitimate Pope, or something...

Pages 53-59

Poor Pope Saint Pius X, he seemed like such a nice Saintly Pope, still sedes rule...

ABS could have presented this in a more pacific way but what fun is that?

He assumes sedes know he loves them and desires they return to the fulness of faith and catholic form but he also understands the time of trial they are undergoing and the sort of obstacles placed in their path towards reconciliation and it is fun to have those obstacles blowed-up.

So, why does he have to be so provocative about them?

Essentially, it is because ABS is, at heart, a jerk.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

ABS' worship of God was stolen from him

ABS is the same age as Israel and he was born into a large Irish Algonquin Catholic family in Vermont and in the subversive and radicalised 1960s his form of worship was stolen from him by Pope Blessed Paul VI and replaced with a substantially inferior product that does not present to Our Triune God the good, true, and beautiful form of worship He is entitled to.

Now, it is routine for men to read complaints from a man that he is not able to worship God the way his Father and Grandfather did and while that is the case for ABS, it is even worse in that ABS is not able to worship God the way he was able to worship when he was an adolescent because that form of worship was destroyed and replaced with an inferior form of worship by 1960s revolutionaries.

ABS went from assisting at a Real Mass to assisting at The Lil' Licit Liturgy but providence has provided a way.

St. Nicholas is a beautiful little church with icons more nearly resembling videos, virtually vibrating with color and life so beautiful are they and the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom is not only good, true, and beautiful, it is venerable and appeals to all of the senses of man.

The Hymns in Arabic meant that ABS was able to enter more deep into the mystery of the music as its tone and tempo carried as much (maybe more?)  meaning as they might have had ABS known the definitions of the sung words.

While ABS might not have known the meaning of the specific words, he entirely understood the message of hope the hymn was about -The spiritual tranquillity of the Heavenly order.

Yes, Lord Jesus, it was YOU who offered yourself up for us, you were not a defenseless victim as is commonly misunderstood about you...

 One certainly does not get the same truth in either the Lil' Licit Liturgy or the Real Mass of the Latin Rite...

ABS also loves the praise delivered unto God in the beautiful prayers, the many blessings received from the Priest, the beautiful hymns, the two processions during the Divine Liturgy, and on this Sunday, The Exaltation of the Holy Cross, ABS was privileged to receive from the Priest a blessing on his heart by a Gold Cross containing a relic of the True Cross.

Monday, September 18, 2017

USA is an acronym of Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance

Chant that should be heard at The Olympics when America wins an event:

Usury, Sodomy, Abortion
Usury, Sodomy, Abortion
Usury, Sodomy, Abortion

Liberals are race realists and that fact accounts for all of the anti-white programs, anti-white legislation, and anti-white affirmative action.

Liberals understand that the average IQ for a white man is 100 while the average IQ for a black man is 85 and, thus, there can be no meritocracy because such a meritocracy would result in a natural hierarchical white supremacy reality.

The left knows that if they left intelligent charismatic black men in their communities there would be the danger they would lead an insurrection with the result being a black-white civil war which would render nugatory all of their psychotic preening about how it is they who believe in racial equality etc.

They clearly don't which is why they are so adept at manipulating the double standards in judging white and black behavior. That is, if a white man screws-up it is his fault and if a black man screws-up it is the white man's fault.

On the other hand, Conservative Inc is forever trying to prove they are not racists – see the Patriot Movement – but no matter what they do they will be called racists by the left (ok, by Jews who control discourse in America).

There are many reason why the Alt-Right is ascendant and the items mentioned here are just a few of the reasons it is ascendant.

A relatively pacific multi-ethnic culture existed in the past in Christendom but that was back when virtually every single human born in Europe was Baptised a Catholic and there was cooperation between Church and State (not a theocracy as many make the mistake of thinking) and culture was oriented to God and men would not legislate in opposition to the Commandments of Christ the King. 

Now, in atheistic America (The die was cast when America chose religious liberty, the end of which is always atheism *) we have positive law that succors Usury, Sodomy, Abortion and so Open-Borders USA is effectively an acronym of the sins crying to heaven for vengeance; Willful murder, Sodomy, Usury/OpenBorders (both result in oppression of the poor and depriving a laborer of his just wages ).

23. But that harmful and deplorable passion for innovation which was aroused in the sixteenth century threw first of all into confusion the Christian religion, and next, by natural sequence, invaded the precincts of philosophy, whence it spread amongst all classes of society. From this source, as from a fountain-head, burst forth all those later tenets of unbridled license which, in the midst of the terrible unheavals of the last century, were wildly conceived and boldly proclaimed as the principles and foundation of that new conception of law which was not merely previously unknown, but was at variance on many points with not only the Christian, but even the natural law.

24. Amongst these principles the main one lays down that as all men are alike by race and nature, so in like manner all are equal in the control of their life; that each one is so far his own master as to be in no sense under the rule of any other individual; that each is free to think on every subject just as he may choose, and to do whatever he may like to do; that no man has any right to rule over other men. In a society grounded upon such maxims all government is nothing more nor less than the will of the people, and the people, being under the power of itself alone, is alone its own ruler. It does choose, nevertheless, some to whose charge it may commit itself, but in such wise that it makes over to them not the right so much as the business of governing, to be exercised, however, in its name.

25. The authority of God is passed over in silence, just as if there were no God; or as if He cared nothing for human society; or as if men, whether in their individual capacity or bound together in social relations, owed nothing to God; or as if there could be a government of which the whole origin and power and authority did not reside in God Himself. Thus, as is evident, a State becomes nothing but a multitude which is its own master and ruler. And since the people is declared to contain within itself the spring-head of all rights and of all power, it follows that the State does not consider itself bound by any kind of duty toward God. Moreover, it believes that it is not obliged to make public profession of any religion; or to inquire which of the very many religions is the only one true; or to prefer one religion to all the rest; or to show to any form of religion special favour; but, on the contrary, is bound to grant equal rights to every creed, so that public order may not be disturbed by any particular form of religious belief.

26. And it is a part of this theory that all questions that concern religion are to be referred to private judgment; that every one is to be free to follow whatever religion he prefers, or none at all if he disapprove of all. From this the following consequences logically flow: that the judgment of each one's conscience is independent of all law; that the most unrestrained opinions may be openly expressed as to the practice or omission of divine worship; and that every one has unbounded license to think whatever he chooses and to publish abroad whatever he thinks.
27. Now, when the State rests on foundations like those just named - and for the time being they are greatly in favor - it readily appears into what and how unrightful a position the Church is driven. For, when the management of public business is in harmony with doctrines of such a kind, the Catholic religion is allowed a standing in civil society equal only, or inferior, to societies alien from it; no regard is paid to the laws of the Church, and she who, by the order and commission of Jesus Christ, has the duty of teaching all nations, finds herself forbidden to take any part in the instruction of the people. With reference to matters that are of twofold jurisdiction, they who administer the civil power lay down the law at their own will, and in matters that appertain to religion defiantly put aside the most sacred decrees of the Church. They claim jurisdiction over the marriages of Catholics, even over the bond as well as the unity and the indissolubility of matrimony. They lay hands on the goods of the clergy, contending that the Church cannot possess property. Lastly, they treat the Church with such arrogance that, rejecting entirely her title to the nature and rights of a perfect society, they hold that she differs in no respect from other societies in the State, and for this reason possesses no right nor any legal power of action, save that which she holds by the concession and favor of the government. If in any State the Church retains her own agreement publicly entered into by the two powers, men forthwith begin to cry out that matters affecting the Church must be separated from those of the State.
28. Their object in uttering this cry is to be able to violate unpunished their plighted faith, and in all things to have unchecked control. And as the Church, unable to abandon her chiefest and most sacred duties, cannot patiently put up with this, and asks that the pledge given to her be fully and scrupulously acted up to, contentions frequently arise between the ecclesiastical and the civil power, of which the issue commonly is that the weaker power yields to the one which is stronger in human resources.
29. Accordingly, it has become the practice and determination under this condition of public polity (now so much admired by many) either to forbid the action of the Church altogether, or to keep her in check and bondage to the State. Public enactments are in great measure framed with this design. The drawing up of laws, the administration of State affairs, the godless education of youth, the spoliation and suppression of religious orders, the overthrow of the temporal power of the Roman Pontiff, all alike aim to this one end-to paralyse the action of Christian institutions, to cramp to the utmost the freedom of the Catholic Church, and to curtail her ever single prerogative.
30. Now, natural reason itself proves convincingly that such concepts of the government of a State are wholly at variance with the truth. Nature itself bears witness that all power, of every kind, has its origin from God, who is its chief and most august source.

31. The sovereignty of the people, however, and this without any reference to God, is held to reside in the multitude; which is doubtless a doctrine exceedingly well calculated to flatter and to inflame many passions, but which lacks all reasonable proof, and all power of insuring public safety and preserving order. Indeed, from the prevalence of this teaching, things have come to such a pass that may hold as an axiom of civil jurisprudence that seditions may be rightfully fostered. For the opinion prevails that princes are nothing more than delegates chosen to carry out the will of the people; whence it necessarily follows that all things are as changeable as the will of the people, so that risk of public disturbance is ever hanging over our heads. To hold, therefore, that there is no difference in matters of religion between forms that are unlike each other, and even contrary to each other, most clearly leads in the end to the rejection of all religion in both theory and practice. And this is the same thing as atheism, however it may differ from it in name.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jemele Hill. Minority hire. Doomed to cover sports invented by white men

Ms. Hill is the devil in the blue dress standing next to the mendacious mulatto

ABS can't imagine any normal man watching the unwatchable ESPN show that has two minorities hosting it and who are clearly racists but one of those hosts,  Ms. Hill, is a twofer - she is a black and a woman - and so she gets two passes, at least, for when she does or says something a white man would have been fired on the spot for doing the same thing, she skates.

Sure, she should have been fired for calling The POTUS a white supremacist but ABS thinks it just that ESPN continues to take the public relations battering it so rightly and richly deserves for its demented diversity decisions.

ESPN truly does believe the way to gain popularity is to hire female NFL play-by-play announcers, and women to host NFL Pregame shows, and women to host ESPN Sports Center broadcasts.

ABS DEMANDS ESPN keep Jemele on air and, in fact, ABS DEMANDS ESPN hire more minority female racists who are doomed to spend their lives yakking about sports invented by White Men.

There has to be an entrepreneur who understands what is going on (Fox Sports, do you have the cojones?) and who will take advantage of this enormous opportunity and create a cable broadcast featuring normal white men talking about sports invented by white men and who will not corrupt the broadcast by promoting sodomy, feminism, racism, and communism and if such a thing comes to pass, ESPN will drag Disney down so deep that only Ariel could find it.

O, what?  You thought only negroes, sodomites, feminists, and communists can play identity politics?

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Mount Rushmore of Scabs

In 1987, The NFL players went out on strike and The NFL Owners hired replacement players but the players and fans were not too keen on the replacement players:

Nevertheless, it is customary for sports fans to compile a list of players deemed suitable for placing on their own Mount Rushmore of whatever sport is then under discussion.

So, here is The Mount Rushmore of Scabs as compiled by ABS:

Rick Neuheisel; QB for the The San Diego Chargers

Eugene Seale; linebacker for The Houston Oilers

John Fourcade: QB for The New Orleans Saints

Suge Knight; Defensive End for The Los Angeles Rams

O. and it prolly is necessary to note that The NFL was invented by White Men.

What popular American sport was invented by a negro?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Irma fun

There is nothing quite like being in the path of a putative Irmageddon, drinking some quality cabernet, while watching local news.  Yes, Irma produced puddles....

In Florida, rapidly being colonised by the Spanish and Haitians, one gets his news in a variety of languages....

ABS understand his few readers know the lying press is untrustworthy and even worse are the national politicians whose trade is the emotional exploitation of the poor who are always harmed the worst by natural disasters.

Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson have taken over the Belle Glade parking lot to pass out water and food for a publicly shoot. Customers are not being allowed to park in the Goodwill parking lot. ___ has been instructed to "photobomb" the shoot in her Goodwill attire!!

Authorities are kicking customers and employees 
out of the parking lot!  

This is an eyewitness report from a Goodwill 
employee and it is illustrative of the low life 
and ignorant reporting routinely done by the media.

Apparently, there was not one reporter present who
asked his own self why the event was staged there
or which open store was having its parking lot
secured by cops so the mendacious mugs of these
congressional creeps could be plastered all over the
press so the poor beleaguered voter would think these
two cretins actually cared about them.

Which is worse, the lying, ignorant, media or the lying
self-serving Senators?

ABS agrees with all answers.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Russia defeated US in race for most Nazi scientists (All of whom were white)

Operation Paperclip was a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) in which more than 1,600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians, such as Wernher von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, were recruited in post-Nazi Germany and taken to the U.S. for government employment, at the end of World War II; many were members and some were leaders of the Nazi Party.[1][2]
The primary purpose for Operation Paperclip was U.S. military advantage in the Russo–American Cold War, and the Space Race. The Soviet Union were more aggressive in recruiting some 2,000 German scientists with Operation Osoaviakhim during one night.

Behind the secret plan to bring Nazi scientists to US

As the Allied troops advanced through France in November 1944, three experts in biological weapons huddled, by candlelight, in a grand apartment in Strasbourg, France, guarded by US soldiers.
The scientists were poring through documents left behind by Dr. Eugen Haagen, a high-ranking Nazi who specialized in weaponizing deadly viruses. They were looking for evidence of the Third Reich’s progress in atomic and biochemical warfare; what they found were chronicles of devastating carnage.
“Of the 100 prisoners you sent me, 18 died in transport,” Haagen wrote in a memo dated Nov. 15, 1943. “Only 12 are in a condition suitable for my experiments. I therefore request that you send me another 100 prisoners, between 20 and 40 years of age, who are healthy and in a physical condition comparable to soldiers. Heil Hitler.”

Modal Trigger
Hermann Oberth (forefront) with officials of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency at Huntsville, Alabama in 1956.Corbis

Haagen was once a world-renowned genius who had won a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation in New York City, who had been shortlisted for a Nobel Prize, who helped create the first vaccine for yellow fever. Yet here was evidence that he — and could it only have been just one doctor? — had been conducting medical experiments on live humans.
Samuel Goudsmit, leader of this investigative unit, made a list. Haagen was at the top, and he added any names referenced or copied on Haagen’s memos, including Dr. Kurt Blome, the Third Reich’s deputy surgeon general, and Walter Schreiber, the surgeon general. These men were now among America’s most wanted — but not in the way one might assume.
Within the year, hundreds of the Third Reich’s upper echelon would be relocated to the United States, where they would be given excellent jobs, healthy salaries, and all the benefits of living in a free society.

Modal Trigger
The von Braun rocket team is congratulated by Nazi brass in 1942Corbis

It was a secret program known as Paperclip, and it remains one of the most complicated and controversial epochs in American history. And, still, one of the most classified.
In her new book “Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program to Bring Nazi Scientists to America” (Little, Brown and Company), author Annie Jacobsen uses newly released documents, court transcripts, and family-held archives to give the fullest accounting yet of this endeavor — one shared by the British, the French, and the Russians, all of whom enlisted and embraced top Nazis.
Wernher von Braun, the Nazi scientist crucial to the development of the V-2 rocket — which held a payload of 2,000 pounds and flew five times beyond the speed of sound — saw it coming: In March 1945, he conscripted two friends to stash his most important research out in an abandoned mine; when Germany lost, von Braun said, he’d use these documents to broker a new life in the United States.
He knew that no matter what atrocities were eventually discovered, no major world power would refuse the technological advances made by the Nazis — nor could they afford not to know how to combat them, vaccinate against them, outpace them.
That same year, the Department of Defense created a top-secret, elite task force called the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, or JOIA. They were subordinate to the Joint Intelligence Committee, which briefed the Joint Chiefs of Staff on national security threats.
“To understand the mind-set of the Joint Intelligence Committee,” Jacobsen writes, “consider this: Within one year of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the JIC warned the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the United States needed to prepare for ‘total war’ with the Soviets — to include atomic, chemical, and biological warfare — and they even set an estimated start date of 1952.”
As of May 1945, Werner von Braun was No. 1 on America’s list for desired Nazi rocket scientists. When he surrendered to US forces on May 2 — having voluntarily decamped from a luxury ski resort in the Alps — von Braun and his colleagues were treated to a hearty breakfast of eggs, coffee and bread, then given freshly made beds in which to sleep.

Modal Trigger
President Truman ‘was not made aware of the initiative’Harry S. Truman Library

“I did not expect to be kicked in the teeth,” von Braun later told an American reporter. “The V-2 was something we had and you didn’t have. Naturally, you wanted to know all about it.”
Also at the top of the list was Dr. Kurt Blome, Hitler’s head of cancer research and a diehard Nazi. He was discovered at a checkpoint on May 17, 1945, and in his initial interrogation, Blome admitted that he had seen experiments “which led to later atrocities e.g. mass sterilization, gassing of Jews.”
Then came the capture of Georg Rickhey, an expert on the Third Reich’s impenetrable underground bunkers. Rickhey was interrogated by Col. Peter Beasley, who told him, “As an American officer, I want my country to have full possession of all your knowledge. To my superiors, I shall recommend that you be taken to the United States.”
Among those tasked with finding and apprehending the most wanted men in the Third Reich — and the number of government agencies that became involved — there was deep discord about the morality of Operation Paperclip.
Jacobsen accessed the transcript of a volatile meeting, secretly recorded, at the War Department. The names were redacted.
“One of the ground rules for bringing them over,” said one general, “is that it will be temporary, and at the return of their exploitation they will be sent back to Germany.”
“I’m opposed,” said another general. “And Pop Powers [nickname of an unknown official] is opposed, the whole War Department is opposed.”
It didn’t matter. Unofficial US policy held that it was imperative to secretly procure those Nazis who could accelerate America’s scientific, technological and economic advancement.
This was an increasingly delicate operation. On May 7, 1945, Life magazine had run a series of photos from the concentration camps, and the official US line held that countries such as Uruguay and Argentina, which were welcoming Nazi refugees, should turn them over to stand trial.
Simultaneously, the US government was learning more and more about just what the Nazis had done: the extermination of millions of Jews; the mass sterilization, the live experiments and operations conducted without anesthesia on humans code-named “adult pigs,” the systematic yanking of gold teeth, the slave labor and starvation, the drowning of men in ice-cold tubs and the many failed attempts to resurrect them, the exploding bodies forced into high-altitude chambers in efforts to master space flight.
“German science presents a grim spectacle,” wrote Dr. Leopold Alexander, a Viennese Jew who immigrated to the US in 1933. When the US entered the war, Alexander enlisted, and at its end was sent to Germany to determine what the Nazis had wrought and learned medically.

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Wernher von Braun holds a model rocket Aug. 5, 1955, at the Pentagon in Washington.AP

“Grim for many reasons,” he continued. “First it became incompetent and then it was drawn into the maelstrom of depravity of which this country reeks — the smell of concentration camps, the smell of violent death, torture and suffering.”
He went on to call the Third Reich’s experimentation “really depraved pseudoscientific criminality . . . It sometimes seems as if the Nazis had taken special pains in making practically every nightmare come true.”
Meanwhile, the Allies held elite Nazis in two luxurious locales: the Palace Hotel in Luxembourg, renamed “Ashcan,” and Crane Mountain Castle in Hesse, Germany, renamed “Dustbin.”
Here, the most warped and wicked Nazis lounged in well-appointed rooms, strolled through apple orchards, played chess, smoked and drank, and gave each other lectures in grand halls. In the mornings, Hitler’s doctor taught a workout class.
In June 1945, officers at Dustbin put out an alert for Dr. Otto Ambros, valuable for his work with toxic gases — specifically tabun, developed by the Nazis and a chemical far more lethal than sarin. Ambros was picked up by an American soldier, who then drove him to a meeting in Heidelberg with members of the US Chemical Warfare Service.
So comfortable were these negotiations that when the US contingent told Ambros to retrieve the documents relating to tabun production, they let him drive off on his own. Ambros never returned; instead, he fled to an area controlled by the French, who let him return to civilian life in Germany.
The War Department moved quickly. In July, they made their top-secret project official, circulating a memo titled “Exploitation of German Specialists in Science and Technology in the United States.”
Jacobsen writes that President Truman “was not made aware of the initiative,” which was initially known as Operation Overcast.
Months later, when the War Department began tagging the files of their most reprehensible Nazi recruits with paper clips as intra-office code — these Nazis were truly to be smuggled in, made known to no other bureaucracies — the program became known as Operation Paperclip.
Meanwhile, Truman ordered the Department of Commerce to propagandize the advances made by the Nazis, ones that were now making Americans’ lives easier, more comfortable: Women could buy stockings that wouldn’t run, butter churned so fast and juice now sterilized so simply that there would be an abundance for all. Electrical equipment that had once been the size of crates was no bigger than your smallest finger.

Modal Trigger
William Picketing, James Van Allen, and Wernher von Braun (L to R) brandish a model of the first American satellite “Explorer 1”, 31 January 1958.OFF/AFP/Getty Images

By January 1946, two months after the Nuremberg trials had begun, there were more than 160 Nazis — many with their families — living and working in the United States.
A good number were housed at a facility called Hilltop in Dayton, Ohio, where many complained they were little more than “caged animals.” The US military scientists working alongside them were disgusted by their new colleagues, expressing “emotions . . . ranging from vehemence to frustration.”
The other group — at 115, the largest — was a team of rocket scientists held on Fort Bliss in Texas. ** Their leader was Wernher von Braun, who, it turned out, really loved America. He was enthralled with the desert and the open-air jeeps driven by Army personnel. He became an evangelical Christian. He was permitted to return to Germany to marry his 18-year-old cousin — von Braun was 46 — and bring her back to the US. If he had one complaint, it was his research budget.
As he later said, while working for the Third Reich “we’d been coddled. Here they were counting pennies.”
In November 1946, shortly after 10 Nazis were executed at Nuremberg by US Master Sgt. John C. Woods (“I hanged those 10 Nazis . . . and I am proud of it”), news broke that the US had smuggled hundreds of Nazis into the country, and that about 1,000 more were coming. (The final count was close to 1,600.) The government attempted damage control, then message control: These men, so mild-mannered with their silver hair and American sport jackets, had never been members of the Nazi party. The Army disseminated pictures of the men and their families engaged in wholesome outdoor activities, and any reporter requesting an interview had to submit their copy, pre-publication, to the army for approval.
Not everyone was fooled. Eleanor Roosevelt publicly decried the program, as did Albert Einstein. By March 1947, Paperclip had generated such lacerating public opinion that General Eisenhower, then the US Army chief of staff, demanded a briefing. It lasted 20 minutes, and upon emerging, Eisenhower said he approved of the project.
The legacy of Paperclip, Jacobsen writes, speaks to the triumph of pragmatism and self-interest above unthinkable atrocity.
Wernher von Braun helped get us to the moon; in the years before the landing, he was photographed with President Kennedy.  Heinrich Rose and Konrad Buttner, two hardcore Nazis, conducted experiments for the US on how best to protect soldiers in atomic warfare.
Today, the Space Medicine Association and the National Space Club continue to bestow awards named after Nazis. When Jacobsen asked Steve Griffin, head of the National Space Club, why they memorialize Nazi Kurt Debus in this way, he was dispassionate and logical.
“Simple as it is,” he said, “Kurt Debus is an honored American.”

* Dr. Braun. You are saying that we should put some of our most intelligent men in a little capsule, set it on top of this rocket, cause an enormous explosion, and send these intelligent men on their way to the moon via a gigantic explosion?
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