Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ammo Dump for militant men seeking to go to war against Markan Priority B.S.

Amateur Brain Surgeon was at the Lil' Licit Liturgy on Sunday when the Presider, Msgr. Benz, boldly proclaimed that St. Mark wrote the first gospel.

It was after that protestant propaganda that he left the ambo and went back behind the table to eye ball us and tell us that the work of human hands * would become for us...and then he ad-libbed that what we offer, ourselves, is what is really important in the sacrifice... (paraphrase).

Frankly, it is hard to remember what he says in the Lil' Licit Liturgy as he adds a lot of his own commentary during the Lord's Supper.

In any event, after the service, ABS stopped on his way out of the gathering space of the community of St. Therese de Lesieux to speak with the Reverend Deacon, Bob.

ABS told Deacon Bob that it was Saint Mathew who wrote first and that he wrote in Hebrew and that it was the prots in Germany in the late 19th century who invented the claim St. Mark wrote first as a way to try and undermine/dissolve the authority of the Catholic Church by claiming the Gospel of Mark did not cite Papal authority as did St Matthew and, thus, Papal authority was a latter development etc etc.

Because Reverend Deacon Bob was formed in the local Palm Beach Diocese Seminary, he has imbibed and memorised all of the recent modernism and cultural marxist bull shite and so he replied...well, form criticism...and scholars say... etc.

It is all such tiresome bull shite and ABS has fired off an few emails to the Pastor of St Therese but nothing will come of it because the VAST majority of  Prelates, Priests, Deacons today have been schooled on what "scholars say" rather that what Catholic Tradition, Church Fathers, and orthodox Ecclesiastical History teaches.

If you find yourself anxious to go to war against this lie, stop by the ammo dumps here and get some bullet points...

* This is that part of the revolutionary new liturgy where the conciliar commies assassinated the Offertory and replaced it with  the corpse of the meal prayer of the Messias-Deniers because nothing says Catholic Tradition more than the meal prayer of those who refuse to accept Jesus as Messias.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Robert Mueller is a mendacious Swamp Devil

This man- Robert Mueller - is considered by those in the know (Washington D.C.) to be a man above reproach whereas the plain and simple truth is he is a dangerous dirt bag who shouldn't be allowed to deliver mail, say nothing about deliver any kind of a report on Trump.

Mueller covered-up 911 links to Mahometan Florida Family

Mueller does the bidding of Mahometan Terrorists

Mueller and the Whitey Bulger Gang in Boston 

Washington politics is not unlike a Mardi Gras parade competition in which the politicians (exhibiting varying degrees of separation from reality owing to ideology, drugs, or alcohol) throw cheap beads (charges, counter-charges) at we putative citizens who are mesmerised by such demented diversions as this ritualised competition twixt a lying corrupt special counsel and a morally corrupt POTUS whom far too many believe think will keep his promises on immigration even though he just proposed the very same sort of amnesty he repeatedly campaigned against.

Enjoy the show. That is all it really is as neither of the tribes has any desire to preserve what is left of our nation *, to say nothing about trying to restore it for neither tribe has the balls to stand-up to the the lying liberal sacred narrative of melting pot, nation of immigrants, America is a proposition, etc etc rather than a nation of a people with a common race, a common language, a common culture, and a common Christian religion, with real borders that keep the invaders out. 

Iko, Iko is a Mardi Gras song about faux indian tribes, bedecked in garish costumes, who chant this song while engaging in a mock battle between the two phony tribes (Dems and Republicans)

* nation 
c. 1300, from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci), from PIE root *gene- "give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal groups.

Monday, January 29, 2018

This is what is wrong with America

Fecund women substituting pets for children. This is what is wrong with America.

Swamp signs lying about an "environmental area" it is claimed is "sensitive."

Have any of the irksome officials who bleat about such things as swamps ever posted a sign that did not designate such places as "sensitive?"

Silly claims about swamps. This is what is wrong with America.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Jan Plan in effect from 19th to 29th as ABE Ministry goes on retreat

We at ABE Ministry will be on a retreat from Papal Praxis from Jan 19th through Jan 29th as we have some guests from frozen Maine visiting and we all will be doing our best to avoid being contaminated by the Mounds of Mephitic Modernism on the Garbage Scow of Peter that is being towed into all of the peripheries of The Perfect Society.

Only daily prayer and several tablespoons of Tradition can help one avoid being contaminated by the Garbage Scow that is this Papacy.

Morning Delusional Political Soap Opera

News Item:

Are they an item? MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski quietly divorces her husband three years after co-anchor Joe Scarborough split from his wife

  • Mika, 49, divorced husband Jim Hoffer after nearly 23 years

  • The pair have two teenage daughters

  • Mika's colleague Joe Scarborough, 53, was quietly divorced in 2013

  • Whispers the cohosts may be romantically involved been around for years 

News Item,:

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are planning a spring wedding.
Scarborough, 54, spilled some details on their nuptials at a Harvard Institute of Politics event in Washington on Wednesday.

“[We’re getting married] in Nantucket in the spring,” the “Morning Joe” host said, according to Politico. “But we don’t know because we gotta make sure that our kids are OK with it.”

Now, according to Our Pope and Our Cross, Joe and Mika (both appear to be Catholic) are eligible to receive Holy Communion but the more politically interesting question is - Are they both delusional in their idee fixe that The POTUS is insane and ought to be removed from office using Amendment  25 of the Constitution?

Amendment 25 is not applicable to Our POTUS but Folie a deux does appear to apply to the two adulterers

CD-10 diagnostic criteria for Induced Delusional Disorder (folie à deux) is as follows:
  1. Two people share the same delusion or delusional system and support one another in this belief.
  2. They have an unusually close relationship.
  3. Temporal or contextual evidence exists that indicates the delusion was induced in the passive member by contact with the active partner.
Joe Scarborough is a complete cuck and so it is likely that Mika is the more masculine and controlling of the two adulterers and has moved him from his once conservative condition to his current flaming liberal condition.

ABS is of the opinion that once they formalise their adultery in a church Mr. Scarborough will change this name to Joe Brzezinski- Scarborough and, hopefully, the insane leaders of MSNBC will be inspired to abbreviate the name of their show to Morning Joe BS.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

BBC Liturgical News. The Feast of Pallone da spiaggia

Because the Catholic Church is on an unavoidable collision course with another World Youth Day in 2019, we at ABE ministry have been peppered with questions about the Liturgical Calendar for July 30th of this year;

Hey, ABE Ministry Founder and Chairman, Amateur Brain Surgeon, have you heard about any formal plans about a special day of Liturgy set aside on July 30th this year to commemorate Our Pope and Our Cross offering unto Mary a beach ball - remember, he solemnly placed one on the altar of Santa Maria Maggiore  in Rome in 2013 in anticipation of World Youth Day that year?

That's a very good question and ABS forwarded that question to the famous ecclesiastical expert 
Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome

and he responded with his typically topical temerity;

Dear Amateur Brain Surgeon. Ha, ha ha, very funny. 

I know the mean-spiritedness of you and your The-Sixth-Commandment-is-binding-on-all-no-matter-what ilk but Our Pope is nothing if not uber sensitive to the complexities of modern life to say nothing about being a role model for the youth of today and I have it on good authority that he is indeed looking forward to the next World Youth Day in Panama in 2019 and he will begin anticipating all of the great fun to be had there by formalising the Feast of Pallone da spiaggia * at St Mary's Major.

Now, wise guy, even you can prolly figure out those Italian words mean Beach Ball and what might a Beach Ball suggest to even the dull of soul like you legalistic Traditionalist Pharisees?

Well, for starters, it is round like the very world God created out of love.

Put that in your Traditional Thuribles and smoke it because whether you and your extreme far right extremist hate-mongering legalistic Pharisees like it or not, this Pope embodies and actualises continuity and so putting a beach ball on the altar of St Mary's Major every July 30th is the new tradition because we say so and we own Rome.

ABS vacillates twixt thinking this Papacy is a giant garbage scow being dragged out into the peripheries with its massive mounds of mephitic modernism infecting all and sundry in the Perfect Society and thinking it is a car speeding towards an immovable object.

What IS this Papacy all about?

* OK, ABS concedes that when spoken out loud
Pallone da spiaggia does sound as though it might be a legit feast

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The three stages of macro evolution explained

Step number one: Saccoryhtus

Researchers have identified traces of what they believe is the earliest known prehistoric ancestor of humans—a microscopic, bag-like sea creature, which lived about 540 million years ago.

Named Saccorhytus, after the sack-like features created by its elliptical body and large mouth, the species is new to science and was identified from microfossils found in China. It is thought to be the most primitive example of a so-called "deuterostome"—a broad biological category that encompasses a number of sub-groups, including the vertebrates.

If the conclusions of the study, published in the journal Nature, are correct, then Saccorhytus was the common ancestor of a huge range of species, and the earliest step yet discovered on the evolutionary path that eventually led to humans, hundreds of millions of years later.

Step Two: The Blob Fish  The blob fish is a deep sea fish inhabiting the waters around Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand.

Step Three: The Streisand

We have a president who stole the presidency through family ties, arrogance and intimidation, employing Republican operatives to exercise the tactics of voter fraud by disenfranchising thousands of blacks, elderly Jews and there minorities.

Because The Barbra is a product of evolution there is no Free Will for her and, thus, anything she says is owing to evolution and, thus, of little merit and every ghastly mistake she makes she can not be held responsible for or criticised for because

Random Selection + Mutation = no teleology

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Obama Liberry

ABS will add some commentary to this crummy piece.
In their effort to break the mold, the planners of the Obama Presidential Center in Chicago are taking heat for some less-than-lofty features in the sprawling complex.
They seemingly strived to make the results of the construction project as ugly and offensive as the project to elect Obama POTUS turned-out, an ugly monstrosity of no lasting value.
Namely, a “test kitchen.”
Yes. What is the first thing people want to know about a former POTUS? What'nhell was it that his wife pretended to cook and eat after she went out to get some veggies from "her" garden which was planted and cared for by the Park Service?
Reports first surfaced last fall that the monument to the first black president’s legacy was taking on an activity-center vibe. There would be a museum – but also a basketball court, possibly a room for yoga classes, and a test kitchen to teach visitors “about the full production cycle of nutritious food.”

Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will have a "test kitchen" to teach visitors about "nutritious food."  (Reuters)
The image of that NFL Free Safety Sized beast in Wife-Beaters and Yoga pants fits with the description of Pornography issued by SCOTUS Tyrant Potty Stewart: I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it, and the motion picture involved in this case is not that.
It’s a reference to former first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign for healthy eating and lifestyles. 

The arrogance of these twerps reaches up into the stratosphere. Who was the democratic dipshit who wheedled and cajoled her into thinking that Americans were dying to learn what she thought about diet and nutrition?
But Chicago Tribune columnist Ron Grossman trashed the “test kitchen” idea as not worthy of the ideals and history for which the presidential center is supposed to stand.
“Mr. President, I’ve got to tell you: The renderings for your museum are ‘little plans,’ more likely to congeal than stir blood,” he wrote.

OK, on second thought; considering what he tried to do to America, having a test kitchen is likely a right choice. It is certainly better than having a Mosque which is where the Kenyan Muslim's head is really at.
The problem, Grossman wrote, isn’t the design but the add-ons.
“What brought me up short was a space in the adjoining Forum building labeled ‘test kitchen.’ Presumably that reflects Michelle Obama’s war on junk food. The museum’s champions similarly suggest it could host yoga classes,” he wrote. “President Obama, is that how you want to be remembered? As the healthy-eating and meditation-advocating president?”

If only that were his legacy...
He added, “That’s not how I want the story to come down to my grandchildren’s children.” 

This view of the Obama Presidential Center designs shows the museum, forum and library.  (
The OPC is a beauty-hating monstrosity as distant from historical American architecture as the Mahometan Mullato was distant from historical America.

Grossman encouraged the planners to reflect the "revolution" his election stood for, breaking through decades of racism and exclusion for black Americans. 

Too late Grossman. The crummy concrete commie crap IS revolutionary in all of its stolid stupidity.

This is hardly the first time the presidential center’s plans have raised eyebrows.
Planners are taking an unconventional approach, including by opting to host a digital archive of former President Barack Obama's records, but not keep his hard-copy manuscripts and letters and other documents onsite. 
Back in May, Obama described it as “more like a campus,” with plans to position it as a “premier institution for training young people in leadership.” 

Typical Maoist claptrap. He has always been out of touch with real Americans and he still is - He thinks real Americans are starving for knowledge about his re-education into community organising Saul Alinksy Socialism Uber Alles camps but America has already moved-on from his Move On Organising schtick.
The project is scheduled to be completed in 2021. 

O, be still my heart....

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Negroes know nothing of Africa

We know this to be true because America's greatest and holiest negro * told us:

Now, they may not know Africa, but they do know disfunction and dependence:

Crime and Race, U.S.

Immigrant Crime in the Eurosphere

Education and Race,U.S.

Education and Race, World

Welfare and Immigration

Character Traits and Race

Islam: Muslim Opinion around the world

Societal Trust: Familism (clannishness) & Corruption around the world

Cultural Values in the global North

Cultural Values and Business Environment in the global North

Societal Indicators around the world

Slavery in U.S. History

Segregation in U.S.

Jewish American Achievement

Welfare use by Immigrants and natives

Whites don't need blacks, but blacks need whites, if they are to have any kind of civilised life.

Yes, The White man does have the burden of caring for Negroes and that conclusion is based on hard data. At the link below, scroll down to 05 entry and be sure to click on the internal links:

Despite these truths and the billions (prolly over a trillion by now) of dollars and billions of hours whitey has spent to support and sustain them, they hate whitey's guts more than ever.

Blackety, blackety, black, black, blackety black (Derbyshire ditty) is all the response we ever get...

O, and give us more stuff too...

Some clear thinking on immigration

 * Our secular saint has his own Holy Day

O, and finally, ABS reached out to Angela Davis for a reaction to this possibly churlish post. 

Ms. Davis, who was a Professor in the History of Consciousness in the Feminist Studies Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz, said;


Sunday, January 14, 2018

ABS recipe for a Holy and Happy Sunday

Assist at the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at the beautiful Greek Melkite Catholic Church, Saint Nicholas, in Delray Beach, Florida and on the drive down and back listen to some beautiful music by Christy Moore the marvelous Mick from the Old Sod

Saturday, January 13, 2018

This is what is wrong with America

This is what is wrong with America. Ads playing in a Doctor's office where the poor patient is part of a captive audience.

ABS went to the dermatologist on Friday and as he sat waiting for over an hour for his appointment, there was one ad - ONE - that continually ran on a loop and it was an ad for Body Sculpting.

The ad constituted seven minutes of unconscionable torture.

Normally ABS refuses to even consider such a thing as justifiable homicide when a man's life is not in jeopardy, and yet...

What, what's that you say?

Did ABS approach the office gals and politely ask them to turn it off?

Of course he did and they told him the Doctor makes them play it continuously all day long and so ABS now has a new name added to his Richard M. Nixon Memorial Enemies List.

O, and here is another thing:

Res ispa loquitur

Friday, January 12, 2018

BBC News

The BBC is a production of the AntiCatholic Whigs of Perfidious Albion and it is useful when one wants to something or other, one imagines.

In any event, we at ABE * Ministry thought it proper to establish our own BBC but our BBC is not an acronym meaning British Broadcasting Corporation, our BBC is an acronym meaning Bergolian Bull Crap.

How can this crummy blog possibly keep up with the uncountable fetid mounds of The BBC which are piling-up and ruining our Capitol, Rome, but also befouling all parts of the Perfect Society?

The truth is, this crummy blog can barely manage to create its own supply of BC and it would be an insane and vain undertaking for any normal man to try and identify and comment on all of the refuse, stinking garbage, and vermin infested piles of Bergolian Bull Crap the great Garbage Scow that is his Papacy is dragging out into the peripheries to soil all of the Churches that offer The Real Mass and to foil all of the orthodox plans of the hard-working faithful to restore The Real Mass and The Real Sacraments to their rightful good, true, and beautiful, standard which existed for thousands of years until the anthropocentric revolutionaries of the 1960s threw that standard out into the alley and pissed on it.

(You know, ABS really can write a sentence of less than 100 words sometimes. No, really...)

So, yes, it would be an insane and vain undertaking for any normal man to try and identify and comment on all of the BBC but ABS, being an Irish-Algonquin Catholic Traditionalist, is not normal; he is both insane and, given his heritage, he is of the right constitution to happily engage in a vain pursuit surely to end in defeat and personal destruction.

And so, from time to time, without any prior notice, ABS will post what he considers to be some of the more execrable and egregious examples of the BBC from the great garbage scow of a Papacy that is his.

ABS doesn't know about you, dear reader, but he doesn't let the bastids get him down. He is alive in the Peace of Christ and he trusts and loves Jesus without measure which is the main reason life can still be such a pleasure for him.

O, and ABS will get the last laugh. His funeral with be The Real Requiem Mass.

* Against Basically Everything

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