The new Indifferentism under Masonic triumphalism

After more than fiddy years of official hierarchical sponsored political accommodation with the racial supremacists, putative Catholics are so indifferent that they are marrying Messias-Deniers and starting their own traditions which, it is asserted, is a blending of different traditions.

It is no such thing. 

It is the triumphalism of Masonic naturalism as the One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church has lost its nerve and it will not teach that the Catholic Church is necessary for Salvation and that only by accepting Jesus as the Messias can man attain unto salvation.

Now, couple that with a faux ecumenism -- The Universal Solvent of Tradition [tm] - that has rendered its captives to a secularised peace between two ancient and permanent enemies and one has the devilish recipe that produced this toxic and deadly stew.

There is no peace to be had anywhere apart from the peace of Jesus Christ and these poor deluded men who take Messias-Deniers as their wives and raise their children with new traditions are Judaisers who have rejected Jesus Christ and who now place a questionable faux holiday on an equal footing with the Incarnation.

Thank you modern Church. Thank you so much...

Is there any other name under Heaven by which man may be saved?  

Masonic Triumphalism:

The message of Jesus Christ, The Bread of Life - according to Ecumenism - The Universal Solvent of Tradition [tm]