Friday, January 12, 2018

BBC News

The BBC is a production of the AntiCatholic Whigs of Perfidious Albion and it is useful when one wants to something or other, one imagines.

In any event, we at ABE * Ministry thought it proper to establish our own BBC but our BBC is not an acronym meaning British Broadcasting Corporation, our BBC is an acronym meaning Bergolian Bull Crap.

How can this crummy blog possibly keep up with the uncountable fetid mounds of The BBC which are piling-up and ruining our Capitol, Rome, but also befouling all parts of the Perfect Society?

The truth is, this crummy blog can barely manage to create its own supply of BC and it would be an insane and vain undertaking for any normal man to try and identify and comment on all of the refuse, stinking garbage, and vermin infested piles of Bergolian Bull Crap the great Garbage Scow that is his Papacy is dragging out into the peripheries to soil all of the Churches that offer The Real Mass and to foil all of the orthodox plans of the hard-working faithful to restore The Real Mass and The Real Sacraments to their rightful good, true, and beautiful, standard which existed for thousands of years until the anthropocentric revolutionaries of the 1960s threw that standard out into the alley and pissed on it.

(You know, ABS really can write a sentence of less than 100 words sometimes. No, really...)

So, yes, it would be an insane and vain undertaking for any normal man to try and identify and comment on all of the BBC but ABS, being an Irish-Algonquin Catholic Traditionalist, is not normal; he is both insane and, given his heritage, he is of the right constitution to happily engage in a vain pursuit surely to end in defeat and personal destruction.

And so, from time to time, without any prior notice, ABS will post what he considers to be some of the more execrable and egregious examples of the BBC from the great garbage scow of a Papacy that is his.

ABS doesn't know about you, dear reader, but he doesn't let the bastids get him down. He is alive in the Peace of Christ and he trusts and loves Jesus without measure which is the main reason life can still be such a pleasure for him.

O, and ABS will get the last laugh. His funeral with be The Real Requiem Mass.

* Against Basically Everything

Was this post too churlish?


  1. No. It was not churlish at all, merely a bit of a rant of Truth. Listen, friend, your pain is shared by so many as the bull gets piled higher and higher. It is truly astonishing how fast the evil is spreading. It is the result of Our Lord allowing Satan time to do his worst. Our Lady has spoken about this several times - I believe her when she tells us to repent and convert. But she wants this individual to individual, not group to group, or nation to nation. Those conversions come AFTER the conversion of each of US - the ones who know what is happening. That's what must spread…

    What do you think of encouraging, nay exhorting, as many as we can to join Third Orders, or the Oblature of St. Benedict? These may be the only daily supports we will have very soon, as our parishes dwindle, and lose more of the Faith. The Pius X gang has a Third Order too, so there are lots of Traditional options.

  2. Dear Daughter of Mary. ABS has always been a loner, never a joiner.

    Oncet, he joined the Ancient Order of Hibernians and he was elected Sergeant at Arms and then, prior to the third meeting, he quit in a snit.

  3. Yeah, I get the loner thing. But when one becomes an Oblate (for example) one is pretty much on his/her own. I think it brings a group of 'loners' together under one Rule, lived at home, but in a sort of shelter of the inner life.

    How do we live an inner life amid the chaos of the daily onslaught of evil? This is my struggle. At least under the loose arrangement of a Third Order one has a chance to put it all aside several times a day and 'join' one's chosen group in prayer and recollection.

    Our precious contemplatives live alone in a group because there is emotional and spiritual support there. Not a bad model.

  4. Dear Daughter of Mary. ABS is glad it works for you.

  5. Irish-Algonquin? What a mixture! There are quite a few Algonquin speaking peoples. Would you consider revealing which tribe? I've been trying to study the Shawnee for a few years since I live in the former Northwest Territory (Ohio), between the two Miamis.

  6. Dear John Kennedy. Yes, being an Irish-Algonquin has led to interesting times. For instance, on St. Paddy's Day ABS likes to get drunk and scalp protestants.

    The Algonquin blood comes from the Grandmother's side of ABS' family. It was her mother who, as an actress, freely granted, let us say, sexual favors to those whom she didn't seem to be able to find the time to actualise the Sacrament of Marriage with..

    As ABS understands it, the injun in question was from the Quebec area.

  7. Enjoyed your frank commentary and the Irish tune. I agreed with all of it.
    I'm afraid we are going to have to learn how to go it alone, although if joining an order helps I'm all for it. I'm a loner as well so it won't work for me either. If I could get myself off this blasted computer I'd be better for it, because my prayer life suffers. Am I addicted to following this train wreck? I might be, and I don't like that.

  8. Dear Kathleen ABS has lived in two consecutive Dead Dioceses and so he has been learnt how to be a loner so as to survive as a member of The Perfect Society with absolutely no help from the various Ordinaries ABS has lived under.

  9. I've stumbled by accident on this blog but must say that I like your style. You're bookmarked.

  10. Dear Cornelius Thank you for your kind words