Saturday, January 6, 2018

Does Franciscus love God?

There can be no doubt that ABS is definitely on his own in this Valley of Tears because his Pope and his Cross does not appear to love God or His Church

Our Pope and Our Cross is forever complaining about how we putative Pharisees - i.e. we faithful Catholics who strive to honor and actualise all the Commandments of Christ - are the problem because we are not open to the surprises of The  Holy Ghost, which, let's be honest, has aught to do with The Holy Ghost but is, rather, a reference to his agenda of rapidly introducing novelties that will forever change the Church and the opposition to those novelties by the Traditionalists whom Franciscus calls Pharisees.

Franciscus rarely seems to be at peace during his many public appearances during which time he berates those who will not surrender to his agenda of rapid and radical change.

In fact, can it be said that Franciscus loves God if he does not love His law?

Psalm 118:165 Much peace have they that love thy law; and to them there is no stumbling block.

ABS thinks Psalm 118 specifically identifies the problem Franciscus has; he does not love the Ten Commandments, the Commandments of Christ, or  the unspoken laws and praxis of multimillenial existence, Tradition - and, thus, how can it be said he loves God?

A Commentary on the Book of Psalms by St. Robert Bellarmine is useful here:

The greatest and truest praise that can be conferred on anyone is to say they love God's law; for if they love the law, they love him who gave the law; and if they love him, they love everything belonging to him; and thus, on their part they have no enemy; but, as far as they are concerned, they are at peace with all. Again "To them that love God all things work together unto good," and, therefore, he that loves God should be at peace with all; and, therefore, the Apostle, Gal 5 says, "The fruit of the spirit is charity, joy, peace, etc. By the same process of reasoning, "there is no stumbling block"; to him "who loves they law;" he runs on smoothly to his country,  for he who loves the law cannot give scandal, scandal being a sin, and sin being a breach of the law; but scandal offended by others, either applies to the infirm, who, from their ignorance, look upon as forbidden what is not forbidden at all, and take offense at things they thought were illicit; or it is that of the Pharisees, who put a bad construction on what should have been viewed in quiet a different light. But they "who love the law" are neither infirm nor Pharisees, and, therefore, "to them there is no stumbling block."

One has a duty to pray that Franciscus is quickened and revivified by love for he is starved of love owing to his gluttony  - his insistence that his  personal proclivities, prejudices, passions, and political programs be actualised. 


  1. That is a great observation. God’s Law is no burden. It is sweet as honey, (as they say). His burden is easy; His Cross, light. Borrowing from St. Thomas Aquinas, we can see if visible God by seeing and understanding His visible creation. For instance, we know the artist, partially, by observing his art; we can draw inferences from contemplating the artist’s choices. We may never meet the artist, but we can suppose, based on subject matter, colors, technical skill.

    In the same way, God’s Law is intrinsically tied to God’s nature. It is not arbitrary. It is pure reality. God’s Law is no burden, it is the reality of God Himself. One can thus begin to understand God by contemplating His revealed Law. One loves God by appreciating, meditating on and following His Law. Since God is good and reasonable His Law is not burdensome. It is attainable by all, assuming love, in which grace flows from Him and obedience flows back. Nothing else but love for God and His Law qualifies as reality.

    The Catholic Church exists for one reason only: to repair the breach between God and Man and reconnect Man to the reality of God, via His Law.

    1. Dear Brian. Amen. Thank you.

      Jesus commanded us to follow His commands if we want to show our love for Him yet Our Pope and Our Cross is consuming much time and expending a lot of effort in trying to get us to oppose Jesus and His Commands.

      That is a grave evil.


  3. ABS is afraid Father is incorrect that Epiphany is the end of the Christmas season.

    In Catholic Tradition Christmastide is forty days long and ends with the Feast of the Purification of Mary on Feb 2