Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Queering a Catholic College

Georgetown University 

To Offer ‘Jesuit-Approved’ 

LGBTQ-Only Housing

The once-eminent Jesuit university 
has approved a
 campus residence. Georgetown 
officials crow this ‘is 
in keeping 
with our Catholic and Jesuit
Maureen Mullarkey
From down the ages comes a common children’s game called “You-show-me-yours-I’ll-show-you-mine.” Surely, sweet reader, you never played it. But just as surely you have heard of it. After all, it does still exist. It comes now with upgrades.
What was once a forbidden pastime among prepubescent kids has been reimagined for young adults by cultivated minds at Georgetown University. Persons old enough to marry, vote, and go to war can amuse themselves with the old game, this time with grown-up approval. The revamped version includes one highly significant improvement: If I like yours better, I can have it. Or, at least, pretend to while I get used to the idea.

ABS is in receipt of an email from Professor Herman NuDix of Continuity College in Rome who, through ABS, wants to ensure all Catholics that there is nothing new here and that, by all means, what is happening at Georgetown University is aught but an example of Continuity.

Dear ABS, thank you so much for forwarding to me this questionable column by Maureen Mullarkey. 

I could begin by noting just how apt is her surname but such paralepsis ought be reserved for when it is most useful- such as during a political campaign and the election is over, capiche?

But what I want to get to is that the  concept of in loco parentis (Literally, parents are crazy) as actualised by the University is an example of Continuity because the authorities at Georgetown seem every bit as crazy as the parents who send their children to this University.

If parents send their children to an anthropocentric abattoir and the children become Devil's Fool Flakes whose fault, ultimately, is that?

Rest assured, ABS, everything in the Shadow Church * is continuity according to the most recent translation of the Bible by the highest critics:

The words of Ecclesiastes, the son of David, King  of Jerusalem.

Continuity  of Continuity, said Ecclesiastes, 
Continuity of Continuity, and all is Continuity.

* It is a shadow Church because it has no substance

Catholic parents who send their children to Georgetown would be eligible to compete on this show:


  1. I wonder what the future holds for these young people who are convinced they are not male or female, but the opposite? Very trendy to go to class with make-up, a dress, earrings and a long bob, but what happens at the interview for a position at a prestigious law firm? Or what happens when one's first patient takes a look and takes a hike? What happens when the young pervert becomes an engineer and must be trusted to build that bridge?

    Does this trend have a natural end when the consequences arrive? Or when these child-like young men and women finally grow up?

    Another question I ask myself is: just who are these young people? The answer would appear, for the most part, to be that they are privileged and affluent. Where are the children of the working class? Or the children of the lower working class? They are at tech schools, or they are working, and not dressing up and sashaying around town looking foolish. And I wonder, too, about Africa and Asia, and Europe. Is this monstrous tendency to deviancy, approved by all, a North American phenomena? Are we going to see any of these freaks in a movie soon? I mean have you seen some of these people? How about the fellow (married with children no less) who is convinced he is a five-year-old girl? Where does they guy work? Or is he on 'disability?' Who is the first movie mogul (if any are left after their prison sentences are done) who will make a movie - a sexy movie- with an all freak cast? Not going to happen because the working class, and the lower working class will not go!!!!!

    Prediction: the whole mess will stop because it's too ridiculous to spread much further, and there's no money in it.

  2. Dear Daughter of Mary. ABS is convinced this will spread because we Catholics have set out on the path to perdition by bending over backwards to accommodate all of the mendacious lies and malign intent of our ancient and permanent enemies but all of this will be accomplished under the rubric of mercy and love.