Saturday, January 13, 2018

This is what is wrong with America

This is what is wrong with America. Ads playing in a Doctor's office where the poor patient is part of a captive audience.

ABS went to the dermatologist on Friday and as he sat waiting for over an hour for his appointment, there was one ad - ONE - that continually ran on a loop and it was an ad for Body Sculpting.

The ad constituted seven minutes of unconscionable torture.

Normally ABS refuses to even consider such a thing as justifiable homicide when a man's life is not in jeopardy, and yet...

What, what's that you say?

Did ABS approach the office gals and politely ask them to turn it off?

Of course he did and they told him the Doctor makes them play it continuously all day long and so ABS now has a new name added to his Richard M. Nixon Memorial Enemies List.

O, and here is another thing:

Res ispa loquitur


  1. Years ago when I lived in Calgary the rector of the Cathedral used to preach on Sunday, and inevitably his topic would be "my missionary work in Malawi" the groans were silent, but groans never-the-less.

    We stopped going when one Sunday he told us from the pulpit that "abortion is a grey area…" Off to the newly established FSSP parish.

    At my eye doctor's there is a huge screen which plays I Love Lucy re-runs - with the sound turned off!!!! Very restful. Odd when 90% of the hapless boobs in the place, jammed in the seats, or standing, can't see well enough to follow the "fun" on the screen!!!

  2. P.S. Re going 'gay' without meat - good. Veganism will kill off more of these poor souls than anything else we could think of. This is said "tongue in cheek" but that's probably no good because vegetarians and vegans don't eat tongue…wonder what they would think of blood pudding which I was raised on!!!!

  3. Dear Daughter of Mary. You seem far too likable and reasonable to be able to live in Canada.

    If word of you and your ilk get out, y'all prolly be deported, or jailed, or sent to a reeducation colony.