Judeo-Christian culture does not exist and it never has.

The faithful Jews became Christians while the faithless Jews were absorbed into Rabbinical Judaism.

Christianity, specifically Catholic Christianity, forms the basis of Western Civilisation and, obviously, those Jews who were blessed to convert to the one true Faith are included in that Christendom and Western Civilisation but those who did not accept the Messias, the Jews, were never collectively part of that Civilisation and one can see by the actions of their revolutionary leaders over time that they did what they were able to do to undermine, attack, and destroy it.



The Messias-Deniers of today are younger than The Catholic Church for rabbinical Judaism formed in 70 A.D. after the destruction of Jerusalem as punishment for Deicide.


Here is something ABS wrote several years ago:

After the past one-half century of bowing and scraping before our ancient and current enemy- The Messianic Jews - it comes as no surprise that last year an Archbishop  was doing more of the same before a Jewish audience, even to the point  where he heaved under the Popemobile, the WWII Vicar of Christ.

From a newspaper:

April 12 2011.

Catholic scholars, no less than Jewish scholars, are frustrated over the Vatican’s decades-long delay in the opening its closed Holocaust archives, New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan told a Jewish audience April 12.

 Dolan, the city’s highest Catholic official, stopped short of calling for the immediate opening of the Vatican Secret Archives for the papacy of Pius XII, who some have accused of failing to help Jews during the Nazi genocide. But Dolan said that the church should not fear whatever it is the archives hold.

“Whatever is needed to complete this project, even in phases rather than only as a whole, I suggest must be explored,” Dolan told a gathering at New York’s Jewish Theological Seminary... 

The Archbishop approached the subject of the Vatican archives through a discussion of disputed plans for the beatification of Pius XII, who Dolan called “a somewhat unique challenge to Catholic-Jewish relations.”

“The current debate about Pius XII has become shrill, hasn’t it?” Dolan said.

Dolan argued that the historical record was still unclear on Pius XII’s responsibility for the deaths of Jews in the Holocaust,  (WTF?) and said that more study was needed – including study of the Vatican archives....

As Chairman of ABE Ministry, ABS is publicly going on record by stating that the entire world would be a much healthier and happier place had Abp. Dolan told the Messias-Deniers to go shit in a Shofar and keep their noses out of the business of The Catholic Church.

Further, it is the amateur opinion of The Chairman of ABE Ministry that The Pope, in language somewhat more diplomatic than the rebarbative rhetoric we at ABE Ministry employ, ought tell those who have been seeking the destruction of Holy Mother Church since 70 A.D. when, after the destruction of the City of Deicide, Jerusalem, Rabbinical Judaism formed with the sole goal of waging war against the Catholic Church Jesus established (Hey, hey...ABS, this sentence is running on WAY too long; can you wrap-up the damn thing and just start a new one?) to just shut-up.

And then the Pope could tell the entire world that The Vatican Archives would not be opened until The Jews agreed to have The Federal Reserve Audited (and then eliminated) so that the entire world could learn how it is that the International Jewish Banksters create money out of thin air and then lend it out at Usury-rates and are paid-back in amounts so unimaginably large that it beggars description while due to their execrable economic ethics ever increasing numbers of Christians must simply become beggars.

As for the crazy-ass accusation that Pope Pius XII did little to help the Jews in World War Two, frankly, who the hell cares?  It is  a devilish accusation intended to leave the Catholic respondent on the defensive scrambling to defend against complete and utter nonsense.

What was The Holy See to do, invade Germany?

The martial arsenal of the Holy See was considerably smaller than Germany's 
Wehrmacht whereas These United States had a kick-ass War Machine that was then led by a Jew, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, SO, the real question is why did Roosevelt, an American Jew, not save his brethren when he had the means, men, and material to make a difference and why was HE so silent about the murders of Jews?

And why was the Press, owned by The Jews, so silent about the Jews then being killed in Europe?

America had a War Machine; The Holy See did not.

As for Hitler's Haven, Germany had long before that time ceased to be part of The Holy Roman Empire due, in no small measure, to the sub rosa conspiracies of the International Messianic Jew who sought its destruction, and so the Jew was reaping what he had sown.

It sure as hell was not the fault of The Vicar of Christ.

And Hitler came to power because Germany had no Inquisition (as the redoubtable Mr. Henry Crocker, Jr. pointed-out in "Triumph"); but if Germany did have an Inquisition,  that perverted paper-hanger, Hitler, would not have been able to ascend to power - oh, remind me, who was it who warred incessantly to rid the world of The Inquisition?

The question is - What'n'hell were The Jews doing that so angered non-Jews?  

See link below from the great and then faithful Jebbies of the 19th century Civilita Cattolica series that details what The Jews had done to cause such a harsh backlash; that is, they were not the cooing katnip-addled innocent kittens they like to pretend they are


Jesus did not establish His Church upon Peter and give him the Keys (Mat 16,18,19) and order him to protect the Jews who killed Him: (see Mt 26:3-5, Lk 22:1,2, Jn 5-16-18, Jn 7:1, Jn 7: 19,20, Jn 7:25, Jn 8; 37...44, Jn 18:36, and Acts 5:27...30)

The question a Catholic Prelate ought ask an audience of Jews is why did they conspire to kill Jesus and where were they when He was being killed and why did they remain silent?

And then to bring the attention of the Jewish audience upon more modern times, the Catholic Prelate could ask The Jews why they did not become members of those civilisations into which they migrated rather than to erect their own Ghettos so as to live apart from, and plot the destruction of, their Christian hosts?

And then the Catholic Prelate could then bring the attention of the Jewish audience even closer to the current situation by noting that the Jews constituted the vast membership of the Hierarchy which created and carried-out The Russian Revolution and which Christian Civilisational Cancer caused the deaths of roughly 60 million Christians and then The Catholic Prelate could ask the Jews why they did nothing to save the lives of roughly 60 million Christians and why did the Press, owned as it was by Jews, lie about The Holodomor  and/or remain silent about it.

And then the Catholic Prelate could accuse The  Messias-Denying Jews of being Holodomor-Deniers by not covering that genocide in their Jewish-owned Media.

And then The Catholic Prelate could ask the Jews why The Talmud teaches that it is ok for a Jew to have sex with a child if he/she is under six years old and then the Catholic Prelate could ask his Jewish audience why it is that Rabbinical Judaism is so hateful and blasphemous towards Jesus and Mary.

The Talmud teaches that Mary was a whore who, while she was menstruating, was raped by a Roman soldier and then gave birth to Jesus who, subsequently, was pissed on by Judas * making them both defiled and unclean and the Talmud teaches that Jesus was justly put to death because of His blasphemies and that He is now in Hell submerged in boiling shit

And then the Catholic Prelate could ask the audience of Jews why their Religion teaches them that they will only be free once Rome and The Papacy are destroyed and that it is ok for a Jew to cheat a Christian and  even kill a Christian and that the Jewish Religious code of Mesirah (think of the Mafia and Omerta) requires silence from other Jews who know about crimes committed by other Jews - even if the crime was murder.

Those would be good questions to ask The faux Jewish religion which is YOUNGER than the Catholic Church.

* https://tinyurl.com/ycn3eag9

Click on "The Life of Christ" and scroll down to "4 a conjurer and a magician" and you can be learnt about Judas fighting with and pissing on Christ.

That is prolly the basis for the infamous Larry David skit.

In a "Curb your enthusiasm" episode, LarryDavid, who created, wrote and produced “Seinfeld,” visits a bathroom in his assistant’s home and splatters urine on a picture of Jesus. Instead of wiping it off, David leaves the restroom. Minutes later, David’s assistant enters the bathroom and concludes that Jesus is crying. She then summons her mother to the bathroom, where both women kneel in prayer.